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0009772: Unable to order drink after tavernkeep fell asleep during last request
I ordered a drink right after waking up in the tavern. Sadly, the tavernkeep fell asleep before he was able to deliver my drink, so I decided to wait (using the Z-menu) for one hour, so that he'd wake up and deliver my drink.

The drink was never delivered, and now I'm unable to order any more drinks.
1. Order a drink right before the tavernkeep falls asleep
2. Watch tavernkeep falll asleep
3. Wait until the tavernkeep wakes up
4. Try to order another drink
5. Realize you're now unable to order drinks, and can only extend your stay
I can still order drinks at other taverns (even in the same city), and the NPC's are still able to order drinks from the NPC who no longer wants to serve me drinks. I've also tried offloading the area, but the tavernkeep in the first tavern still won't serve me drinks.
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Try trading a mug to them, when they drop it I think it will clear the hanging service task.

I find tavern keepers holding mugs from people who walked outside or got killed after ordering, and they won't drop it so you gotta trade them for the mug first too.