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0009795: Ignition temperatures for fuels too high, qualify them as "fire-safe"
According to this webpage:

http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/fuels-ignition-temperatures-d_171.html [^]

The "auto-ignition temperature" of some materials (in Celsius):

Bituminous coal 454
Charcoal 349
Coke 700
Lignite - glow point 526

Comparatively, in game the ignition temperature of fuels is 11440 U (800 C). Using the above values as a reference, the ignition temperatures (in Urists = [CELSIUS] * 9/5 + 10000) should be:

Bituminous coal 10817
Charcoal 10628
Coke 11260
Lignite 10947

Those changes would make bituminous coal, charcoal, and lignite non-fire-safe. The new ignition temperature for coke is still above the fire-safety threshold, but that reference ignition temperature might represent a more heavily refined modern coke than would be available with Dwarf Fortress technology. It could be adjusted down to slightly below the fire-safety temperature to prevent building coke-fired furnaces out of coke.
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