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0009846Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Mechanismspublic2016-06-18 13:152021-06-13 10:15
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0009846: Metal Mechanism made in the wrong place.
When assigned from the job manager construction of metal mechanisms are assigned to a mechanics workshop. The mechanism is then made by a mechanic using metal bars and charcoal.
When assigned from the workshop metal is not an option at the mechanics.
assign jobs from the job manager.
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has duplicate 0010233resolved Loci Manager assigns metal mechanism jobs to wrong workshop 
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Still present in DF 0.44.08

Adding a task in a mechanic's workshop still has only two options: "make Rock Mechanisms" and "make Traction Bench". Metal mechanisms are made at the metalsmith's forge under Trap Components, and only weapons-grade metals are available. Conversely, using the work order to make metal mechanisms (either from the Manager screen or from a mechanic workshop's Workshop Profile) will use a mechanic's workshop instead, and all type of metals are available.

See 0001141. The issues related to the work order with mechanisms were fixed back in DF 0.43.03, but the workshop buildings were not updated with the same changes.

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confirmed v0.44.12
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By the same token, if you attempt to add a work order via the Workshop Profile, a Mechanic's Workshop will allow you to add "Construct [metal] Mechanisms" jobs (for ALL metals, not just weapons-grade ones you can manually add at a Forge), while a Metalsmith's Forge or Magma Forge will not offer them as an option (as noted in 0011765).