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0009920Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Combatpublic2016-07-15 04:132017-11-28 21:53
iMacOS X10.6.8
0009920: Throwing small creatures (bugs) causes temporary wear to them
Bugs thrown in combat receive (seemingly random) amounts of wear upon hitting their targets. This wear is not persistent, however, as they return to the ground as a normal vermin creature immediately afterward, and picking them up again reveals them to be completely unharmed.

Meanwhile, bugs used as melee weapons sustain no wear at all, having tested this by using a live slug to punch a dwarf in the stomach long enough to make him explode.
Press shift-L to find small creatures
Pick up a small creature
Throw at a target (a non-vermin creature)
This may have resulted in a crash earlier, possibly due to a bug being completely worn out in one throw; but this is speculation, as I have been unable to reproduce this since then (and I've used a lot of bugs...).
Throwing, vermin
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Welp. Never mind, apparently slugs, worms, and snails are just entirely immune to physical wear in all forms. Furthermore, breaking a vermin creature through wear in melee does not seem to cause a crash.


After punching someone with a bug in my adventurer's hand (thus causing some wear to the bug), then throwing, I was successful in crashing the game, so it would seem that having a bug be destroyed by wear upon throwing does indeed cause a crash.

EDIT: Also, the version should actually be 0.43.04. Woops. But that shouldn't be too drastically important.

2017-11-28 21:25   
The crash was presumably fixed by the fix for 0009888, but wear on vermin still seems rather odd.