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0009946Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machinespublic2016-07-31 07:172016-07-31 07:22
0009946: Retracting bridges don't require support for construction, harmlessly deconstruct when checking support later
A series of retracting bridges can be built without any means of support, each bridge accessed from another bridge. These bridges will "float" without any support for an arbitrary length of time, but activities that cause a "support check" (like retracting one of the bridges) will cause nearby unsupported bridges to spontaneously deconstruct.

Presumably, retracting bridges should require support for designation/construction, should fail immediately if support is absent/removed, and should cause a cave-in instead of harmlessly deconstructing upon failure.
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related to 0005853new  Bridge Support logic incorrect for left corners 
has duplicate 0007695resolved Loci Tree grows adjacent to a bridge, bridge collapses 
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