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0000996: Wounded Elf trader steals soap
My fort was ambushed by twelve goblins which were quickly turned into salsa by my three axedwarves. Before they finished their work however, an elf merchant took two arrows in the lower body and leg. This tore open his leg and exposed his guts. The elf then proceeded to run into my fort and grab a bar of my soap.
Produce soap.
Wound an elf non-fatally.
Said elf should have blood spattered on their body.
The elf is likely attempting to clean itself. So far I've not observed any reduction in contamination, however his wounds are healing.
bleeding, Cleaning, Elves, soap, traders, wound
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2010-04-11 06:59   
Tried forbidding soap and reloading save, the elf heads for the nearest water source and cleans himself. Definitely due to cleaning behavior.
2010-04-11 09:44   
Grabbing the soap sounds like intended behavior; your dwarfs are supposed to steal from caravans if that's necessary for healing wounds, too. Do you know what the elf does after he has the soap? If he doesn't clean himself, the bug here is more like "Friendly creatures can't use soap".
2010-04-11 18:28   
He doesn't clean himself once he grabs the soap. All he does is return to the depot whilst holding it. If the soap is forbidden however, he will run to the nearest water source and successfully clean himself.
2010-04-18 11:15   
I have also observed this behaviour with dwarf caravan guards. Forbidding/claiming the soap has no effect on my hotel guests. At least they only take the soap, and not the towels, pillows and bed linens, too.
2010-04-18 11:24   
This is brilliant. Serves us right for stealing all their towels (0000066).
2010-05-06 05:40   
Given how soap is actually made (tallow rendered from fat obtained by butchering animals + lye made from ashes obtained by burning trees), Elves should probably be deliberately opposed to the idea of using it.