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0009962Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2016-08-09 11:412016-08-09 11:45
MacOS X10.10.5
0009962: Window disappears when clicking on upper edge of title bar (32-bit DF only)
Clicking on the upper few pixels of the window title bar causes the DF window to disappear entirely. DF does not crash, however, but is obviously unplayable.
See above.
This is only present in the 32-bit build of DF, because that build distributes SDL 1.2.13.

Copying SDL 1.2.15 from the 64-bit DF build fixes the issue.
32-bit DF only, Probable Quick Fix
related to 0009762confirmed lethosor Dwarf Fortress immediately crashes when using system full screen toggle (green button) on OS X 10.10+ 
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