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0010108Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinkingpublic2017-01-07 09:372017-07-28 13:19
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Product Version0.43.03 
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Summary0010108: Tiny Undead - Burrows - Dwarfs won't eat or drink and they dehydrate ot starve
DescriptionI cleared an undead siege except for some reanimated hair. The hair drew aggro on a dwarf caravan guard and eventually my civilian dwarfs joined in when they pathed near it to get to a pond. By chance I saw this occurring and burrowed everyone including alot of hungry, thirsty, and tired dwarfs into my fort; however, when I removed the burrow alert my dwarfs refused to return to normal jobs and wouldn't eat, drink, or sleep (one dehydrated to death).
The hair wasn't being killed by the caravan guard and trying to trap it didn't work. I was only able to resolve this issue by dfhacking the undead hair to exterminate it. Immediately once the hair was gone the whole fort ran to the food and drink stockpile.
Additional InformationI haven't seen this error in previous versions. I use "the lazy newb pack for the graphics" but no other mods/software/or alterations. i run the game as is except for the tile set.

On a side note. When I used dfhack to kill the undead hair the caravan guard (four dwarfs(?), one merchant, and one one-hump camel) acted weird. The one-hump camel became enraged and killed a merchant before being struck down. During which time my vision/view of the battle was obscured by ALOT of smoke; I inferred that the camel gained fire breath(?) because something was producing the smoke which only stopped once the camel was struck down. The caravan then left the map as expected.

I hope this helps.
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duplicate of 0009496resolvedToady One Tiny undead creatures immune to pulping, ridiculously difficult to kill 

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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2017-01-08 02:11

Exterminate him/her results in a puff of smoke replacing the victim, so that's the likely source of the smoke.

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