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0010521Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Inventorypublic2018-01-13 16:032018-01-21 03:46
Assigned ToDetros 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.44.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010521: Named artifacts disappearing from inventory
DescriptionArtifacts (whether discovered world gen artifacts or player named items) are leaping out of the player character's inventory and dropped at a seemingly random location when the player character enters a new site. The item can be retrieved and added back to the inventory, but can seemingly leave the inventory again. In one instance the items seemingly disappeared from the site completely. Items that are stored offsite (for instance in a user created camp) can also disappear and reappear in another location.
Steps To ReproduceThis doesn't seem to always happen and doesn't always appear to produce the same result when entering a site.
Additional InformationSave included. The player starts in a player created camp. Travelling east (next door), to the site of a roc's former nest, one will find (possibly) an artifact crossbow and/or a player scribed musical composition named "The Weevils and the Blame." These items should be stored in the player's inventory or in storage in the cabinet in the cabin in the camp, but may appear around the nest site. They can be retrieved but will soon disappear when leaving the site; on return, they may reappear around the site of the nest.

This world was generated in 0.44.03 and has most recently been saved in 0.44.04. [^]
Tags0.44.04, adventurer, artifacts, inventory
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- Relationships
duplicate of 0010457confirmedDetros Adventurer inventory items found duplicated as loot in lairs, caves, etc. 

-  Notes
Buttery_Mess (reporter)
2018-01-13 16:18

Twofor bug report; sleep for an hour in the cabin in the player founded camp, and the game will crash.
Loci (manager)
2018-01-18 09:14

Did you check if the artifacts were actually removed from your inventory? 0010457 covers duplicate artifacts appearing in sites.
Buttery_Mess (reporter)
2018-01-20 23:18

Yes, the artifacts were definitely removed because sometimes I have passed through a site and when I check my inventory, a named artifact will have vanished.
firedraco (reporter)
2018-01-21 02:52
edited on: 2018-01-21 02:52

Looks like a dupe of the same issue I reported earlier: [^] (which was also closed as a dupe of one of the duplicate artifacts showing up).

Buttery_Mess (reporter)
2018-01-21 02:57

Yes, it looks like exactly the same bug.
Detros (manager)
2018-01-21 03:46

Let's continue this discussion in that 0010457 then.

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