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0011401Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2020-02-20 11:282020-02-24 19:59
Assigned ToToady One 
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Product Version0.47.03 
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Summary0011401: Modded NIGHT_CREATURE_EXPERIMENTERs never create custom experiment creatures, and occasionally create generated ones
DescriptionModded creatures with NIGHT_CREATURE_EXPERIMENTER and secrets that add the NIGHT_CREATURE_EXPERIMENTER token never create custom experiment creatures during worldgen, even when their raws are functionally copied from the generated raws (with changed names).

On occasion, said NIGHT_CREATURE_EXPERIMENTERS will create generated experiment creatures instead.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a modded world with a custom secret that adds the NIGHT_CREATURE_EXPERIMENTER token and give them an an interaction with the I_SOURCE:EXPERIMENT, and create the world. Look through legends; the experiment will never be done.

Here's a save of one of these modded worlds; the modded interaction is called a "cyber controller" and the replacement ghoul/risen undead is called a "cyborg". This world had a pretty lucky break and got a huge amount of cyber controllers, with three separate towers, yet not a single cyborg in sight. [^]

Finding one of the worlds where the modded interaction creates a generated creature would make the bug a lot more obvious, unfortunately it's pretty rare and I deleted that save. Some other modders have reported the same issue though. If anyone else has such a save post it, ok?
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Toady One (administrator)
2020-02-24 19:59

I saw it call cyborg_resurrect (which targets a creature not a corpse despite the description) and it created a cyborg population -- it'll always use the first one in the list that is experiment only + add syndrome + target creature, and that's why it isn't getting to cyborg_convert. If the resurrect is supposed to be a resurrect effect that targets a corpse that would fix that, although it'll still be quite rare since deformity gods aren't nearly as common as death gods now (and cybernetics is marked as a deformity secret.)

If you haven't already done this, you can probably increase the frequency quite a bit by adding the deformity as a religion sphere to every entity - that'll ensure every single civ has a deformity god, so the secrets pass more easily.

The creation of on-the-spot generated experiments is a byproduct of the experimenter tag that can't be turned off currently, and that'll happen some large percentage of the time instead of cyborgs.

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