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0001511Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smeltingpublic2010-04-24 22:442010-06-09 06:45
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001511: Melting crash (With save)
DescriptionBugged save - uploading to bugged saves on the upload site. Likely involves either human or elf caravans.
Edit: Disabling melting jobs resolves the crash temporarily.

Human caravan has been in fort for awhile - refuses to actually leave, despite having 'set out on their journey'. Elf caravan last season only left after I destroyed my depot, leaving all their holy-hell-megatons of crap behind. This season I didn't have a depot, so they went insane, died, and left all their megatons of crap up in the corner.

Still, human caravan seems more likely - as if it were the point it was actually ready to leave.

Crash happens about 10-20 mins in for me at 120 framerate. Not sure of the exact time - can find out if desired. Sometime within the season current to the save.
Steps To ReproduceUnknown. Caravans are f^cked, though.
Tagscaravan, crash
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duplicate of 0001046closedToady One Melting item produces hard crash. 

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Kohmelo (reporter)
2010-04-24 23:28
edited on: 2010-04-26 10:02

Same happened to me too. Twice today.
Just Thinking if it has something to do with 2 caravans on map at the same time? As if Humans did not leave before Dwarfs came and it would crash because there cannot be two caravans at the same time?

Edit: second one was probaply from a melting "item" crash bug...

Footkerchief (manager)
2010-04-26 11:12

@Dekon: where's that save you mentioned?
Dekon (reporter)
2010-04-26 11:54 [^]
Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-28 09:32

Well, I got bug 0000277 for the first time playing this save.

I was able to continue playing through til the 19th of Timber (late autumn) by (inadvertently) disabling melting for a long period of time, due to a troll attack.

Is this date after your crash, and if so, does disabling melting prevent it for you?
Dekon (reporter)
2010-04-28 11:51

Nope - that was the date before it. I had Invaders turned off in the init - was trying to establish some other things first.

It honestly might be a duplicate of the melting crash, which I didn't know about when making this post.
Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-28 12:40

Alright, well, after disabling the melting jobs, I was able to get it to run until mid-winter, when the dwarf caravan left. There were no crashes for me.
Dekon (reporter)
2010-04-28 13:45

Was probably the melting crash, then, and not a caravan issue at all. I wasn't -sure- what was causing it - just with the chaos of caravan related issues, I presumed that.
Toady One (administrator)
2010-05-22 07:18

This should be fixed for 0.31.05. I wouldn't melt anything until it's out, but melting one object at a time should theoretically be safe.

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