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0001605Dwarf FortressArenapublic2010-04-28 07:422010-06-09 06:46
Assigned ToLogical2u 
PlatformLG P300 (Laptop)OSWindows 7OS VersionProfessional x64
Product Version0.31.03 
Target Version0.31.03Fixed in Version 
Summary0001605: First created creature in Arena mode receives "You" descriptors instead of creature descriptors for some combat reports
DescriptionSo while testing the "Terrible Dodger" bug report, I discovered a text inconsistency in the combat reports for the arena.

Essentially, whatever creature you create first is described as "you" for the purposes of nausea, vomiting, and stunning, but not general combat reports. This occurs whether or not you've ever taken control of the creature.
Eg: Alligator 2 attacks Alligator 1 but she jumps away!
You slam into an obstacle!
You are no longer stunned.
You give into pain.
Alligator 1 has bled to death.
Where "You" should be Alligator 1.
Steps To ReproduceCreate any two creatures in the Arena.
Preferably, give the first one no items/skills and give the other one some item/skill that improves their combat ability.
Let them fight.
Read the combat reports from the creature labelled "1".
Additional InformationThe reproducability is set to "Sometimes" because this doesn't seem to work for all critters.
It's worked for alligators, carp, and trolls, but not dwarves and cats.

It only seems to relate to stunning, nausea, vomiting, collisions, and death reports.
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duplicate of 0000850resolvedToady One Arena combat report refers to viewed creature as "you" 

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Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-28 07:44

Wow, I completely fail at searching today.

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