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0001988Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-05-20 03:412014-01-27 18:06
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PrioritylowSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS VersionWindows 7
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001988: Dwarven Sugar lies in stacks on the kitchen floor
Description1 barrel of dwarven sugar x 50 + 1 barrel of dwarven sugar x 55 were brought into my kitchen. Not enough ingredients to finish the recipe so the barrels were untasked, however the barrels were taken for beer leaving the sugar lying on the ground. Noone will pick it back up to move it to a barrel or the stockpile. Also won't be used for cooking anymore.
Steps To ReproduceNot 100% sure.
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- Relationships
related to 0001131resolvedToady One Stacks of unbarreled Drinks can end up inside the Kitchen if cooking drink turned off. 

-  Notes
Logical2u (manager)
2010-05-20 05:13

This kind of sounds like the boozecooking "liquids clutter my kitchen" bug. I'll mark it as a relationship.
Chthon (reporter)
2010-05-20 13:35

Maybe, however please note that I never turned off cooking of dwarven sugar. This seemed to happen when the job was canceled.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-06-22 09:07

Does this still occur in 31.08?
Malicus (reporter)
2010-06-22 15:13

Dwarven sugar is transported in bags, not barrels. Did you mean dwarven syrup?
Chthon (reporter)
2010-07-23 14:28
edited on: 2010-08-08 12:34

Malicus: No, it was sugar left lying on the ground.

Footkerchief: I haven't had time to play with a newer version yet. I'll see if I can't check it out on the version released today sometime this weekend and report back.

Edit: I have played with it now in 31.12. Seems they require at least one solid item to make a meal, and I've not seen it happen where it fails to use one. No liquid meal messes as a result.

Dwarfu (manager)
2011-02-06 10:54

Possible that vermin ate through the bags?
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-01-27 18:06

If you have a save that demonstrates this problem in the latest version, please upload it to [^] and reopen this report (or PM me on the forums).

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