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0000201Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2010-04-02 17:192015-01-10 09:27
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Summary0000201: Taming caged herbivores leaves seeds in the cage
DescriptionI caged several wild elephants, built the resulting cages by my kennels, then tamed the elephants.
The animal trainer used wild strawberries to do the taming.
After taming, I let the tamed elephants out, and removed the constructed cage.

Some time later, when the cages were back in the stockpile, I noticed they were flashing between seed and cage - they contained wild strawberry seeds - presumably left over from the taming.

The only way to retrieve the seeds seems to be to mark them for dumping.
Steps To ReproduceTame a caged herbivore (e.g. elephant) in a constructed cage. Free the tamed animal then deconstruct the cage. Look for seeds in the cage afterwards.
TagsAnimal training, seeds
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Quietust (reporter)
2010-04-02 17:25
edited on: 2010-04-02 17:26

The same thing happened in and earlier, so at least it's not a new bug.

Logical2u (manager)
2010-04-02 17:26

Old 'bug' - at least 4 years old - see [^]

Wasn't on the old bug list though.

Just related to general cage quirkiness, probably.
kaefermelder (reporter)
2010-04-21 14:44

Not a bug - where would you expect the seeds to go that the elephant, like any creature eating a plant, leaves behind? ;)
Akjosch (reporter)
2010-04-21 14:56

I would expect dung (which I'd use to fertilize my farms), but that's a separate feature request ...

But, yeah, this is old. Worked the same in 40d, I got used to it by now.
oliver (reporter)
2010-04-21 15:27

The bug is not "OMG there are seeds left!"

The bug is that the seeds are not accessible for general use unless you jump through hoops. If they just dropped to the ground, or if seeds inside a cage were available for general hauling, then that'd be fine.
ptb_ptb (reporter)
2015-01-10 09:27

I believe cages are waterproof. It doesn't really stretch credibility any further that they are seed-proof.

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