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0002606Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-07-09 18:512015-12-03 13:14
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.08 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.40.12 
Summary0002606: prisoner died of dehydration, plenty of water, labor.
DescriptionI just had a dwarf die of dehydration in prison. I have two healthcare workers who have no other job but feeding/watering, plus nearly all of my other dwarves have this labor enabled. My wells are active there are buckets everywhere. Previous prisoners did fine, but this was my first 101 day sentence.

You know what... I hate mandates with a passion. The only solution is to murder all nobles, which is extremely goofy, even though its become accepted practice. I just hate the whole mechanic.
Tagsdehydration, give food, give water, jail, justice, prison, prisoner, save, starving
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has duplicate 0003031resolvedDwarfu dwarves in jail die of thirst (every time) 
has duplicate 0005735resolvedKnight Otu Prisoner dehydrated and not given water 
child of 0000703confirmedDwarfu Chained mother "cancels seek infant" until death from dehydration, and other imprisonment issues 

-  Notes
TomiTapio (reporter)
2010-07-09 21:18
edited on: 2010-07-09 21:19

Did you set up the justice-chain next to food and booze barrels?

cephalo (reporter)
2010-07-10 07:47

I will from now on! I actually tried to do that at first, but it seems that you can't actually put booze in 1 tile stockpile. I have extended those to two tiles so they don't get filled up with empty barrels, so that this won't happen to me anymore.

Still, any one of 65 dwarves could have given the guy water, but nobody did. He died one square out of reach from a bucket full of 8 water. It has to be kindof a priority when some innocent and useful dwarf's life is at stake. Usually it seems to be that way, but I'm thinking that this must have been a bug.
TomiTapio (reporter)
2010-07-10 08:05
edited on: 2010-07-10 08:06

Someone should try this with justice-cages too.

One can mod some noble positions out, to have a more Fun game.

bobbens (reporter)
2010-07-12 01:37

Had the same issue, solved it by temporarily destroying the jail to let the prisoners eat/drink and then rebuilding it. The task manager did not list give drink to the prisoners at all.
cephalo (reporter)
2010-07-12 05:32

After I had let my booze stocks get too low to fill his pile, I had another prisoner who clearly was not going to be given water. He was thirsty and hungry and about 10 dwarves were listed as 'no job'. I had to cut his chain. I think maybe prisoner feeding might be broken in this fort. Patient feeding is clearly working however.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-07-12 10:46

This one will probably be hard to fix without a save that demonstrates the problem. You can upload to [^]
cephalo (reporter)
2010-07-12 12:22

I could upload something, but nobody is in jail right now. Is there a way to force someone to commit a crime? If I see it one more time I will upload while the guy is still in jail.

I will also report back if I actually see someone feed a prisoner or have that job description.
cephalo (reporter)
2010-07-12 16:33

Had a buildup of bugs to report so I do have a save after all. [^]

I have had two prisoners in a row that were not fed by my dwarves. I expect the next one to be the same. Mayor likes adamantine, so it's just a matter of time for a new prisoner. You'll have to remove the food and drink stockpiles near his chain if you want to watch him get hungry/thirsty.
Sergius (reporter)
2010-07-31 16:58

I *think* the problem might be that the game is designating somebody specific to do the job, and that guy is busy. For some reason, I had this problem, but I stopped mining and suddenly one of my miners decided he was going to "give water". So it may be a good idea to disable the job for the guys that may have busy for long periods of time, such as miners.
cephalo (reporter)
2010-07-31 19:51

I should add that I never have this problem with guys in the hospital. Yet I lost a third prisoner because I accidently let my booze get low. My furniture stockpile was full so they weren't moving the barrels! I thought I had plenty.
Valguris (reporter)
2010-09-12 13:39
edited on: 2010-09-12 13:42

I have similar problem, here is save: [^]

Dwarves won't feed prisoner no matter what will I do and I can't release her from cage.
Oh, it seems they gave her water once, long time ago. ~ 70 days ago.

Granite26 (reporter)
2011-03-10 19:03

No save, but had this in 31.19
greycat (reporter)
2011-03-19 19:35

Similar problem in 0.31.21: [^]

Prisoner is dehydrated. Prisoner is in a cell with booze, and also a bucket of water. But he won't drink it -- he's stuck on "No Job (Chained)". Nobody else will bring him another bucket of water, either.

After saving, I tried deconstructing the rope. The prisoner switched job to "Drink" but pursued some booze farther away. Before he could get him some booze, the captain of the guard captured him and put him in the other cell.

Rebuilt the first rope, and deconstructed the second cell's rope. He went for the far away booze again, and got caught again, and was placed back in the first cell.

This time I tried locking the cell door, so he couldn't attempt to path to the far away booze that he wanted. Success! He switched job to "Drink", moved to the booze in his cell, picked it up, and started drinking.
malvado (reporter)
2011-04-25 15:54

Can confirm that this problem still persists in 31.25
Only way around it is to micro-manage the prison by de-constructing and locking the Guard Captain in his own rooms...

Prisoners ocassionally gets food and drink , but it's very rare and inconsistent.
Seems prisons will need a prison guard that only works there.

I have more dwarven deaths by the justice system than I have currently by goblins and megabeasts...
Alumine (reporter)
2011-04-26 02:23

Also confirmed for .25
ponom (reporter)
2011-05-26 11:58

prisoner seecking for child refuse to drink/eat, generate lot of spam and die of dehydratation although chained next to well.
it seems the only job for him is trying to get his child.

Quietust (reporter)
2011-05-26 12:59

I had one prisoner who started repeatedly trying to get a drink from a distant stockpile - he'd get the "Drink" job and then fall over once he reached the end of his chain, repeating over and over. Upon locking his cell, he'd cancel Drink with "Could not find path" and sit still, but unlocking the door would just cause it to start up all over again. When he was first imprisoned, he was given a bucket of water, but I had to place a 2-tile booze stockpile next to him to keep him alive.

Food didn't seem to be a problem, though.
Farmerbob (reporter)
2011-07-11 04:08
edited on: 2011-07-11 04:31

Verified this problem still exists. I have a vanilla .25 save that I have uploaded to DFFD here: No matter what you do, you cannot get the prisoner to be fed or watered. Plenty of buckets, wells nearby, food all over the place. Booze is a bit short supply, but still plenty if they want to give him that.

No matter who I try to free up and give feed/water labor to, everyone ignores him. The mayor, the lawgiver, the chief medical dwarf, & his lover. All of them completely ignore his status. [^]

Vanilla 0.25 world, no dwarf civ, no elf civ, never seen a human, and We've been locked inside the mountain for 23 years. 19 adult and 37 child dwarves. You would think at least one of the kids would feed him. Nope.

I am going to attempt to remove every single job from every single dwarf in the entire fortress and assign them to the job.

Really, feeding one prisoner should not be a megaproject.

Please note, that in this save, the problem is infinitely repeatable. I just freed up every single dwarf from every single labor except feed/water and they all ignored him till he died. They will not under any circumstances feed the prisoner.

Farmerbob (reporter)
2011-07-11 05:15

Oh, Good Lord. I've been trying everything I can think of. His lover came by, with only feed/water jobs enabled, and spent TWO breaks standing next to him, while he was starving and dehydrating. Then someone called a party at the well, 20 tiles away, and she left him, then he died.

I'm going to TRY to get two mechanisms connected to the cage after I remove it from a justice room, put food in the room, lock the doors to keep the hammerer out, then pull the lever. This is utterly insane.
Farmerbob (reporter)
2011-07-11 05:27

No luck. I'm actually watching dwarves with no job at all except feed water and move furniture go out of their way and path farther from the cage than they need to when they go through the jail. Except his lover, who will walk over and whisper sweet nothings in his ear as he dies.

Going to have to save scum and rebuild the jail with chains rather than cages.
Knight Otu (manager)
2012-03-31 03:38

Infiltrator posted a 34.07 save at 0005735
Infiltrator (reporter)
2012-03-31 04:10

I swear that I did a search for "prisoner" before posting a new bug; and I kewn that I'd seen this bug before.

Anyway, save at [^]

It takes about a month from unpausing until the prisoner dies. Have three nurse dwarves that sit around on "No Job" even though they actually fed and watered the prisoner before (you can see the "received water/food" messaged in the prisoner's thoughts).
UristDaVinci (reporter)
2014-05-16 20:48
edited on: 2014-05-17 08:36

Dwarf fortress units/creatures have "misc traits" such as Migrant, RoomComplaint, UnnamedResident, ClaimTrinketCooldown, ClaimClothingCooldown, WantsDrink, LikesOutdoors, Hardened, TimeSinceBreak, OnBreak, CaveAdapt, IdleAreaCooldown, PartiedOut, WoundsCleaned, MilkCounter, HadDrill, CompletedDrill, EggSpent, GroundedAnimalAnger, TimeSinceSuckedBlood, DrinkingBlood, RevertWildTimer.

At least those are the names that the DFHack team gives to the values. Some of the traits or cooldowns are unknown. Misc traits 0 and 1 are used as cooldowns for creatures being watered or fed respectively. These cooldowns are set at 2000 when a creature is being brought water/food, and appear to count down once every 10 ticks or so. Once the countdown reaches zero, another water/food job can be created.

HOWEVER, in some cases these water/food countdowns are stopping or being reset to 2000 without a creature being fed/watered, so the creature eventually dies. Manually setting the countdowns to zero with DFHack results in the creation of GiveWater and GiveFood jobs.

EDIT: Using DFHack I have been able to zero the countdowns and have Prisoners (caged or chained), patients, and loose babies given water or food. I did NOT have to touch the job list.

EDIT 2: It looks like the misc trait cooldown is being reset once it has been identified that the unit needs watering/feeding, but BEFORE it is checked if there is a valid "nurse" dwarf (has no job, has appropriate labor enabled, is physically able to path to patient, etc.) able to provide assistance. So if at that instant there is no nurse dwarf able to take the job to water/feed the unit, the cooldown is reset. Is this the purpose of the cooldown?

cephalo (reporter)
2014-08-08 18:42

in 40.05 I had to release a few prisoners to get food and water right before death.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-08-08 19:09

A recent save might be helpful for this.
Kriby (reporter)
2014-08-13 08:04
edited on: 2014-08-17 15:04

Had this happen in 40.08 using LNP 40.08 r1. (DF + DT)

The prisoner died and my previous save is exactly prior to the start of incarceration, however. If it reproduces from that save I will upload a save from there.


Got it. Additionally, the prisoner -did- receive water and food from his co-dwarves initially. Now he's left to rot, though.

Rovod is the prisoner, F5 zooms to him. [^]

Using DFHack to reset a cooldown belonging to the imprisoned dwarf caused him to immediately be given water and fed, so this is probably the same problem UristDaVinci reports above. [^] has a work-around.

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