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0002693Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2010-07-14 17:082010-08-12 02:27
Assigned ToDwarfu 
PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformwindowsOSxp proOS Versionsp3
Product Version0.31.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002693: Military noble positions gone
DescriptionI disbanded everyone in my military from the military menu so I could make a fresh start (upgrading from 31.06 ish) with the new fixes. After doing so all the military noble positions were gone and now I cant assign any military dwarves at all. I can make squads but it says there is no one qualified to lead them.

I have to go to work now but I will check back on this in a few hours so if anyone needs a save or more details please let me know here.
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duplicate of 0002232resolvedFootkerchief 0000141 not entirely resolved. Mayor not always replaced on death. 

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drunken (reporter)
2010-07-14 17:12

may be related to 0001755
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-07-15 07:13

Yeah, the save would be helpful. You can upload to [^]
drunken (reporter)
2010-07-15 07:52 [^]
I think there is also a backup in there from before it happened. I should also mention there was a dead dwarf in one of the squads, the main reason for disbanding everything.
Dwarfu (manager)
2010-08-12 02:27

Loaded this in 31.12.

A case of multiple mayors:
Lorbam Urvadlibad, Butcher, and Zuntir Ledbekar, Military, both have the needs of a mayor and an active mandate, though neither show up on the nobles screen (even though some other nobles do - not the same as 0001755, and I'm not getting a crash). They are purple in the units list. Removing their custom profession names shows they are both mayors.

I trapped them both in some rooms and as soon as they both croaked, a new mayor was appointed (no message still) and the positions reappeared on the nobles screen along with the military being able to function again (leaders/squads/etc.).

This turned out to be a duplicate of 0002232.

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