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0004316Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2011-03-24 10:262011-03-30 18:44
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Summary0004316: Historical figures "never married" if they (or their spouse) became the spouse of a night creature
DescriptionWhile examining the list of kings for some Dwarven civilizations, I noticed that several were listed as "never married" even though they had one or more children. In some instances, there were living adult children who did not inherit when a king died. In Legends mode it could be seen in the former case that the spouse of the king had at some point become the spouse of a night creature. This caused the king to become "never married". In the latter case, the king became the spouse of a night creature and the living, disinherited children listed were also night creatures.

This may be related to 0003563 and 0003091.
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- Relationships
related to 0003952new Historical figures will only be named if they ascend to a position of power and associated woes 
related to 0003563new When entity members become night creatures, their title changes retroactively in art etc. 

-  Notes
Footkerchief (manager)
2011-03-24 11:38

I think I understand the report, but I can't parse the summary -- what was it meant to be?
RossM (reporter)
2011-03-24 14:03

Notable persons becoming night creature spouses causes weirdness in civilization leader list?
RossM (reporter)
2011-03-24 15:08

This appears to be related to 0003952
slink (reporter)
2011-03-25 17:04
edited on: 2011-03-25 17:05

It's more related to the other two that I mentioned, in that it seems to be a side-effect of someone turning into a night creature spouse and retroactively changing past events or relationships.

Also, when the king itself becomes a night creature spouse, the resulting night creature children show up as royal offspring.

Sorry that it wasn't very coherent.

Kumquat (reporter)
2011-03-26 13:26

Furthermore, civilizations whose king became night creature spouse never get a new king (unless, possibly, someone or something manages to kill the beast).
Knight Otu (manager)
2011-03-27 05:45

Do you have a save where that happened, Kumquat? In every case I've seen, the "nightified" ruler was replaced at the beginning of the next year.
Kumquat (reporter)
2011-03-30 14:21

Oops, my bad. The civilization event log actually indicates that the king was a night creature spouse right from the beginning...

"In 1, the twisted hag spouse Tun Justicebooks the Tenebrous Murky Skull became the king of The Violent Oar."

In fortress mode, "this civilization has no important leaders."

I guess I'll have to keep playing and find out what happens when the fort becomes capital...
Knight Otu (manager)
2011-03-30 14:30

Well, no, he wasn't a night creature from the beginning, see bug 0003563. He started as a dwarf, then later was turned into a night creature. If your civilization has no important leaders, then it ceased to exist at some point for some reason. I think you should be able to export the region world history file from Dwarf mode with the Export Local Image option, so you could check where the line of kings ended for your civilization.
Kumquat (reporter)
2011-03-30 15:17

Oh, indeed, I forgot about that.

Let's see. This merits closer investigation.

Oh dear, every historical figure has starved to death. This probably means everyone else as well. Every king and queen after the one that got dwarfnapped survived about one year and then starved, last one at 11. This means the merchants just pop up from thick air every year and the outpost liaison is just a dirty condwarf and the vagrants are just exiles from other dwarf civilizations.
Granite26 (reporter)
2011-03-30 18:44

I imagine there are some intentional holes for Dracula to drive through.

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2011-03-24 14:12 Footkerchief Summary Historical figures "never married" if they or their spouse got abducted by a night creature => Historical figures "never married" if they (or their spouse) became the spouse of a night creature
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