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0004835Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2011-08-16 18:382014-07-23 10:02
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PlatformPC laptopOSWindows 7OS VersionHome Premium
Product Version0.31.25 
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Summary0004835: Most military stuck in "Individual Combat Training"
DescriptionI found many similar bug reports, but not quite exactly what I am experiencing, and they were all listed as Closed or Resolved. I set 4 squads of military to Station up by the Trade Depot to meet some incoming goblins, but only 1 shows up. Confused, I find the rest are all either sleeping (fine, I suppose), with the majority all "GO to Individual Combat training" / "Conduct Individual Combat Drill". Setting Kill / Station commands and cancelling them, changing the alert level of the squads, making new All-training or No-training schedules and then setting them to it would do nothing. Eventually one of my military stumbled into the goblins while doing "Pickup Equipment" (A whole trial in itself, getting soldiers to wear what you want, and put it on when you want it). Even after the ambush, nothing I could do could get the rest of the military to move an inch. Even one who had just gotten a fey mood, appeared to be stuck somehow since he just stood in the barracks with the rest of the group, like he wanted to do individual combat training but couldn't because of his mood. He wouldn't claim a workshop either, just stayed there. Not sure how helpful the save will be, since when I loaded it myself just after saving it, everything flipped and now all the soldiers who were previously stuck seem fine, but now the 3 soldiers who I could control earlier, are stuck on "Soldier (cannot follow orders)" and are now stuck up when I had originally ordered them stationed. Sort of a different problem.

most soldiers get stuck doing "Individual Combat Drill" and NOTHING (Not even Fey Moods!) can get them to move. Or, same thing happens with "Soldier (cannot follow orders)". [^]
TagsMilitary, mood, order, orders, squad, strange mood, stuck, training
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Xen0n (reporter)
2011-08-16 19:07
edited on: 2011-08-17 07:48

Update: Not sure if this is related or separate, but the aforementioned Moody dwarf who was stuck in the barracks with the rest, is still stuck there after the rest got out of the "Individual Combat Drills" when I loaded the save. Even after ejecting him from the squad so he's a regular civilian, he just stands there next to the armor stand, being Moody but not claiming any of my 6 craftdwarfshops for his Bone Carving skill. May be related to 0004091 or 0000526 , but I couldn't see how to add notes there. [^] (showing same area as before, with the now-civilian moody dwarf in the same spot.)

Update: Adding the "Strange Mood" Dwarf to a burrow encompassing all the craftsdwarf workshops (His highest skill is bonecarving) and some bone piles has no effect, he still stands in the same place. Also, I can no longer add that dwarf back into his squad (he just doesn't show up on the list of addable dwarves), not sure if this is a bug or intended "Strange Mood behaviour"

Resolution (?) Update: May have figured out what was happening. I had added a Dwarven Bathtub entrance to the barracks, and apparently the 4/7 water in it (Which I thought dwarves could walk through) was too much and no-one would cross it until I widened it out. So that could explain why they were stuck in the barracks. Although they seemed to occasionally be willing to cross it while it was at 4/7, as they left the barracks after I loaded my save earlier. Not exactly sure what was up, but it seems ok now. Unfortunately, my Moody dwarf had just gone insane as I figured this out :P

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