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0004999Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2011-12-27 16:422011-12-27 17:03
Assigned ToLogical2u 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionXP 64-bit
Product Version0.31.25 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004999: Dwarf with missing limb lists contaminant on limb in inventory screen.
DescriptionI have a dwarf here who's missing her entire right leg, but her inventory declares that she has moose man blood on her right foot. (None on the still-attached left foot, although I guess that's because it has a shoe left.) I found her trying to bathe, and afterwards she has water covering her entire body, including this imaginary limb.

Image to help verify: [^]
Steps To Reproduce1. Cause amputation (preferably leg so they'll crawl around.)
2. Dunk in fluids.
3. See if fluids appear in inventory as a contaminant on the missing body part.
Additional InformationTested in Arena, three female dwarves tested. 100% success.

1. Right lower leg successfully bitten off. Dwarf fell in water during attempt to remove leg but didn't exhibit contaminants on missing limb when checked after removal until after drying off and rolling in own blood. Picked up water contaminant on missing limb after re-entering water channel.
2. Right upper leg severed by adamantine axe after multiple blows, immediately displayed blood contamination on right upper leg, followed shortly by right lower leg and foot. Picked up water contamninant on missing limb immediately upon being dunked in water.
3. Right arm completely severed with adamantine axe, immediately displays blood on missing right upper arm and right thumb. Picked up water contaminant on missing limb immediately.

In regards to test subject #1's experience with water, I guess that contaminants are only reapplied when a dwarf enters a fluid and are successfully removed when a limb is lost.
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duplicate of 0004904confirmedFootkerchief Creatures can retain spatters on body parts that are gone/severed/removed 

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EricBlank (reporter)
2011-12-27 16:45

In the additional notes entry at the end, I did not in fact intend to link to issue number 1, but was referencing test subject number 1. - Eric Blank
Logical2u (manager)
2011-12-27 17:02

Duplicate of 0004904, with possible duplication of 0002222

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