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0005842Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2012-04-25 08:052012-09-30 23:40
Assigned ToDwarfu 
PlatformLinuxOSLinuxOS VersionDebian 6.0 i386
Product Version0.34.07 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005842: Clothier cancels job, but cloth is available
DescriptionI would have added a note to 0004798 as that seems to be the same bug, but it is "resolved" and I don't know how to reopen it.

Clother cancels Sew cloth Image: Needs 1 unused dyed plant cloth.

However, I do have unused dyed plant cloth sitting in bins in a cloth stockpile less than 10 steps away from the workshop.

Workshops orders are "Auto Loom Dyed Thread", "Use Dyed Cloth". [^] is a save demonstrating the problem.

Potentially this is a burrow-related or burrow-triggered bug? I recall people mentioning burrows sometimes breaking stuff. I do have a fort-encompassing burrow for moving civilians inside during attacks. The cloth and the workshop are inside that burrow. No dwarves are specifically assigned to it. The civilian burrow restriction is not currently active.
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duplicate of 0000771new Cloth/Thread partially used by medical dwarfs can't be dyed/woven & they prefer new supplies over used ones 

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greycat (reporter)
2012-04-25 08:43

As a workaround, I mass-dumped (d b d) the entire cloth stockpile and then reclaimed it all. The dwarves seem to have redirected most of the bins somewhere else, but after putting the cloth and thread and a fraction of the bins back into the stockpile (and leaving the rest sitting in the hallway), I was able to assign a clothing job.
Dwarfu (manager)
2012-04-26 20:55

Reminder sent to: greycat

Do you have an active hospital zone?
Most likely the cloth you are seeing is partially used and can't/won't be used for crafting.

Also, test if removing the all-encompassing burrow fixes the issue.
greycat (reporter)
2012-04-27 06:38

If the cloth were partially used, then dumping and reclaiming it wouldn't have worked around the bug. Nevertheless, I'll try to address your questions as best I can.

Yes, I have an active hospital zone. In the attached save, it's on the F2 level (Z=143). It has Thread: 30000/15000, Cloth: 10000/10000, Splints: 6/5, Crutches: 3/5, Powder for casts: 0/750, Buckets: 0/2, Soap: 591/750. These are spread among the 4 coffers in the hospital. Coffer 1 has 1 crutch and 2 soap. Coffer 2 has 2 splints, 1 soap, and 1 crutch. Coffer 3 has 1 soap, 1 crutch, and 1 cloth. Coffer 4 has 2 thread, 4 splints, and 1 soap.

The cloth stockpile is on the F3 level, which is where the attached save is focused (Z=148). The first bin (northwest corner) has a ≡pig tail fiber cloth≡ with emerald dye. The second bin has an undyed (pig tail fiber cloth), so that doesn't count. The third bin has a ≡pig tail fiber cloth≡ with dimple dye and a ☼pig tail fiber cloth☼ with dimple dye. The fourth bin has a ≡pig tail fiber cloth≡ with dimple dye and a rope reed fiber cloth with emerald dye. And so on. I don't actually know how many there are in total, but it's more than a few.

Next I deleted the burrow, and then queued up a "make cloth tunic" job. It was cancelled due to an alleged lack of cloth, just like the one that I queued up while the burrow was still in existence.

Then for the sake of thoroughness I deleted the hospital zone. I waited until dwarves had taken all the items out of the hospital's coffers (except the soap - I have no soap stockpiles). Then I queued up yet another "make cloth tunic" job. This one was also cancelled. I'm willing to believe that the cloth that was in the hospital's coffers may have been a partial item, so that's not shocking.

Next I "d b d"ed just the first bin from the cloth stockpile (the one with just one dyed plant fiber cloth), reclaimed, and waited for dwarves to finish their maneuvers. Queued up a "make cloth tunic", and that one was cancelled. So the cloth that was in the first bin may also have been partial (or there might be some other bug).

I also did that to the second bin -- cancelled. Then the third bin -- cancelled. Then the fourth bin -- cancelled. Then the fifth bin -- cancelled. Then the sixth bin -- cancelled. Then the seventh bin -- cancelled. Then the eighth bin -- cancelled. Then the ninth bin -- cancelled. Then the tenth bin -- cancelled. Then the eleventh bin (1st one on row 2) -- cancelled. Then the twelfth bin -- cancelled. Then the thirteenth bin -- cancelled. Then the fourteenth bin -- cancelled. Then the fifteenth bin -- cancelled. Then the sixteenth bin -- cancelled. Then the seventeenth bin -- cancelled. Then the eighteenth bin -- cancelled. Then the nineteenth bin -- cancelled. Then the twentieth bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-first bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-second bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-third bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-fourth bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-fifth bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-sixth bin -- cancelled. Then the twenth-seventh bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-eighth bin -- cancelled. Then the twenty-ninth bin -- cancelled. Then the thirtieth bin -- cancelled. And finally, the thirty-first bin -- cancelled.

Now I'm confused!

So I killed DF and reloaded from the save. I left the hospital and the burrow alone. I marked the entire cloth stockpile for "d b d" and then reclaimed it. I queued up a "make cloth dress" while the dwarves were still moving things around, and it was cancelled -- OK. Then I waited for them to finish moving things, retrying occasionally... and I *still* couldn't get a job to go through.

So apparently my dump-and-reclaim workaround is not consistent, or there was something else that occurred the first time I tried it. (It's a busy fortress -- elven traders arriving, goblin snatchers showing up, an ambush or two, undead yaks, you know how it is.)
Rafal99 (reporter)
2012-06-04 10:49

Tested the save and everything looks ok.

- workshop and cloth stockpile are accesible to dwarves
- the cloth and the bins with it are not assigned to any job like hauling etc.
- not a burrow issue, removing burrow doesn't fix, there are no civilian alerts set
- removing hospital doesn't fix either
- only plant cloth jobs are getting cancelled, making stuff from yarn cloth works fine
- workshop orders are ok - set to "Use Dyed Cloth"
- there is 16x pig tail cloth and 1x rope reed cloth available, all of them except one are dyed

The only explanation I can find is that all 16 available dyed plant cloth items are partially used. But this is invisible to the user, so even if it is intended behavior, I would still call this a bug.
HiEv (reporter)
2012-07-18 15:34
edited on: 2012-07-21 19:30

The problem appears to be that you only have one rope reed fiber cloth left, which apparently isn't enough(?) and it also blocks the dwarves from noticing that there's plenty of pig tail fiber cloth available. After forbidding the rope reed fiber cloth I stopped getting cancellations.

So, this appears to be the same problem as the "won't use last bone/wool/etc." (0005816, 0004593) bugs, but worse since it keeps them from noticing other possibilities that would work instead.

EDIT: The title of this bug and its relationships should probably be updated.

Dwarfu (manager)
2012-09-30 23:40

Thanks for the follow-ups/testing. I'm not convinced this isn't all partially used cloth, as Rafal99 explains.

There's not a pathing or burrow issue, as changing the workshop to use undyed cloth will allow something to be made from the one undyed pig tail. Unlike HiEv, I still get cancellations even after forbidding the single rope reed cloth (even dumped it and the entire bin to get it away from nearer cloth).

It also isn't a matter of the hospital claiming the cloth as it was only set to have 1 cloth (10,000) and there was a sheep wool cloth the hospital bin; deleting the zone didn't change anything. The problem, as noted in 0000771, is that hospitals will use/return supplies outside of the hospital zone, and, once used, will continue to get new pieces instead of the already used ones.

I'm marking this as a duplicate of that as was first suggested.

greycat, or anyone else interested in further testing, if you come across a situation that can't be explained by it being used cloth (which, as Rafal99 pointed out, isn't something that is displayed for the player to see), please reopen this and post your new findings. Otherwise, continue discussion and post saves in 0000771.

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