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0006161Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2012-08-11 03:572015-12-26 10:56
Assigned ToKnight Otu 
PlatformMBPOSOSXOS VersionLion
Product Version0.34.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006161: Amphibious Siege Mounts Stick Underwater
DescriptionAmphibious siege mounts led by the squad leader, (in my case, Giant Toads), will pathfind toward the nearest water hole, get in it, and stay there, thus preventing the siege from advancing.

They just pathfind toward a pool (or through a pool), jump in, and never get out. They never move.
Steps To ReproduceGet sieged by amphibious mounts with water around.
Additional InformationI don't know if they actively pathfound toward water, or just ignored it in the path to fortress, but got used to the water and never got out.
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duplicate of 0000926new Amphibian invader mounts drown their riders 

-  Notes
JasonMel (reporter)
2012-08-11 09:57

Did the amphibious mount drown its rider? If so, this seems pretty similar to 0000926. Could be related in any case.
acetech09 (reporter)
2012-08-12 20:59

It took a whole season before the captains drowned, but yes they did. This does appear to be a similar but more clarified bug. They'll jump in any nearby water, even if it isn't in path to the fort. They'll just see it and charge in.
Knight Otu (manager)
2012-08-18 03:30

I'll resolve this as a duplicate of 0000926. There may be other bugs playing into this specific instance, such as a variation of 0004552.

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