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0006170Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2012-08-19 00:342014-01-29 10:32
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PrioritylowSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformDell Latitude D600 laptopOSUbuntuOS Version2.6.32-23-generi
Product Version0.34.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006170: no way to keep werebeast corpse, body parts, out of refuse stockpile
DescriptionI had a weregecko arrive at my fortress, which fortunately wasn't a match for the handful of military I had functioning at the time (just after a nasty string of goblin ambushes had been squashed). Its corpse (and various feet and hand parts) got dropped into my main refuse stockpile as expected.

However, later I created a small craftshop stockpile belowground, permitting bones, skulls, teeth, etc, but no corpses or bodyparts. Unexpectedly both the gecko and its chopped-off bits went to the craft stockpile, clogging it up (and potentially causing miasma, but I did not observe this to be true). Experimenting, I tried limiting the pile to just bones and skulls, but no change.

Finally I created a third stockpile above ground with refuse enabled, but *all* refuse options turned off, and set it to take from the craft stockpile. Sure enough, the gecko and its parts were pulled from the craft stockpile to the all-options-off stockpile.
Steps To ReproduceObviously to test this requires a were-beast to arrive and be killed. Assuming that happens:
- wait for were-corpse to be carried to general refuse pile
- create bones-only pile pulling from refuse pile
- watch corpse and any separated parts get carried to bones pile
- create 3rd pile with refuse enabled, but all refuse options off. Set it to pull from the bones pile
- watch corpse and separated bits get carried to all-options-off refuse pile.

Workaround: create an extra aboveground refuse stockpile to pull from all indoor refuse piles to keep werebeast corpses out of them. Turn off all refuse options (and, potentially, set the "anywhere" option to "Will Take From Links Only") to keep normal corpses and other trash out of this were-sink.

Simpler workaround: manually dump any were-corpses and were-parts out of indoor stockpiles.

Simplest workaround: If killed above-ground, forbid were-corpses and were-parts before they get picked up.
Additional InformationThis issue is similar to [^] . It appears to be sort-of a duplicate of half of that bug (were-corpses & stockpiles), but not the other half (were-dwarves & burials). I leave it to the bug managers to decide whether to call this a duplicate or treat them as two distinct issues.
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