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0007582Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2014-07-23 03:352014-08-02 18:23
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Product Version0.40.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007582: Soldiers even when inactive prefer "Individual Combat Training" over any other job
DescriptionSoldiers even when inactive prefer "Individual Combat Training" over any other job. When a squad is assigned a barracks for training, soldiers will not do any civilian jobs even when inactive / no orders. It seems that the racial traits are so strong that the weights / job priorities are changed.
This means that the "no orders" schedule for military no longer enables Dwarves to do civilian jobs (in principle they could, but they won't, since military training takes priority).
I guess this is a "job priority" thing...
Steps To Reproduce- create a squad
- create barracks
- assign squad to barracks (train in barracks)
- see 80% or more of your dwarves leave their civilian jobs in order to do "individual combat training"

reproducible in 40.01 to 40.04, a new fort started in each version shows this behaviour.
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related to 0000428acknowledgedToady One Dwarves refuse to train, and other training weirdness 

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cephalo (reporter)
2014-07-23 10:05

Are you sure that they won't do assigned tasks? If I remember correctly, dwarves with the 'strong sense of duty' trait will take it upon themselves to train. What happens when you remove them from the military altogether?
horsefeathers (reporter)
2014-07-23 20:54

I have seen this; I had to remove the training tag from the barracks for them to do anything.
Doren (reporter)
2014-07-23 21:53

Not a bug, but needs rebalancing. Decreasing priority of individual training or reducing frequency of 'patriotic' dwarves will work.
Jon-Ace (reporter)
2014-08-02 18:23

Same issue here. The dwarfs assigned to a squad don't seem to "flip" back to civilians (announcement saying that "Urist has become a [insert best skill here]") if you make the squad inactive; they set their jobs to "Soldier (no activity)" and only break to find food or drink.

The workaround was disbanding the entire squad.

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