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0007640Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2014-07-26 03:132014-07-26 07:29
Assigned ToDwarfu 
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Product Version0.40.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007640: "Inactive - Uniformed" squad setting has no effect on Miners, Woodcutters and Hunters
DescriptionDwarves with Mining, Wood Cutting or Hunting labors enabled refuse to wear their military uniform while civilian, no matter the "Inactive - Uniformed" squad setting.
As soon as their squad stops being active they rush to stockpiles and armor stands to store all their armor there.
This is likely because after deactivating the squad they try to pick their civilian equipment (pick or axe) and apparently it counts as a whole "uniform", so instead of just replacing their weapon, they drop their whole military uniform.
This causes problems when the squad need to be activated again as these dwarves have to spend time picking all their assigned armor from scratch every time.
Steps To ReproduceI specially created s save showing this bug in DF 40.04: [^]

There is squad with 3 dwarves stationed in the barracks.
The dwarves are Miner, Woodcutter and Hunter marked with a custom profession ending with "(Bugged)".
The dwarves are happily wearing their full military uniform (a set of copper armor and copper war hammer). The uniform is set to "Replace clothing" and the squad is set to "Inactive - Uniformed".
Now deactivate the squad - all 3 dwarves rush to store their armor and put civilian clothes back, ignoring the setting...

Now load the save again and disable Miner/Woodcutter labor on them, and then deactivate the squad - now the dwarves keep wearing their armor as they should.
Additional InformationThis bug happens since 0.31.xx versions.

It is a child bug of 0001451.
I decided to make a new report because the original bug report is too general and bloated with comments about various other equipment bugs.
While this report aims to be precise, well-defined and has a save from current version.
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duplicate of 0002143confirmedDwarfu woodcutter drops complete assigned equipment if being undrafted 

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Dwarfu (manager)
2014-07-26 06:46

If the original report covers it, there is no need to make a new report. You can post a summary in 0001451 for 40.04 if you'd like - I've moved your save over.

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