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0000825Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-08 14:312011-03-26 02:36
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.31.01 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000825: Unwounded dwarves lie unconsious in hospital
DescriptionSometimes dwarves who get wounded will fully heal, but not leave the hospital. They lie in bed forever, even though they lack wounds.
Steps To ReproduceHappened on two separate saves so far. Reproducibility uncertain, except for wounding dwarves.
Tagshospital, wound
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has duplicate 0003851resolvedFootkerchief Dwarves sometimes never wake up after healing from injuries 
child of 0001582acknowledgedToady One Injured dwarves in bed receive no treatment after diagnosis 

-  Notes
Chthonic (reporter)
2010-04-08 14:32

Try appointing a chief medical dwarf and checking their health status in the z menu. Might provide some clues.
Syndic (reporter)
2010-04-11 15:53

The issue seems to be dwarves being diagnosed as requiring some kind of treatment, then healing the wound on their own before a doctor takes care of it - they think they need to stay in the hospital because the doc says "you need wound dressing!", but nobody CAN dress their already healed wounds. voila, permanently useless dwarves.
Smew (reporter)
2010-04-14 16:47

This happened to me on 2 seperate occasions in the same fort, I just fixed both problems by deleting the hospital and getting rid of the beds.
Cryten (reporter)
2010-04-14 17:17

Duplicate of 0000318 or 0000168 depending on if the docs trying to perform a task on him or not.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-05-06 14:55

Are there any occurrences of this bug that aren't explained by 0000318 or 0000168?
cephalo (reporter)
2010-07-12 15:17
edited on: 2010-07-12 15:28

I am having this issue as well from 31.08. I have a soldier with a couple of yellow wounds that have healed as much as possible, but he is stuck resting now for years. Gonna try removing the hospital.

EDIT: Did not work, he just lied on the ground awake. There's nothing in his health records indicating that he can't stand or walk. In the z-health screen there is no info on this guy. I rebuilt the hospital, and then the doctor came and put him back to bed.

I also noticed that he used to be an axdwarf, and changed to a recruit when I removed the hospital, presumably due to skill rust. :)

cephalo (reporter)
2010-07-12 16:35

Here is the save. [^]

I have a guy in the hospital who's been there for years. Has some yellow wounds, but no indication that he can't walk. If I deconstruct his bed he will lie on the floor. The doctor recognizes him as wounded and will put him back in bed
Coaldiamond (reporter)
2010-08-04 19:25
edited on: 2010-08-04 19:26

Seeing this bug in v0.31.12.
My manager/bookkeeper was cut by a goblin theif, was successfully treated and recovered. Treatment consisted of cleaning, dressing, and suturing. All wounds healed, and the Chief Doc says nothing about any further treatments. Nevertheless, he continues to sleep away in my hospital, and will not leave after being awakened by having his bed deconstructed. He has labors enabled but shows the "No job" status. He eventually moves himself to another hospital bed and goes back to sleep.

After removing the hospital (shift+x method) and all beds, he remained in place until a gem cutter with the "recover wounded" job came and dropped him off in a bed in the residential area of the fort. Manager now has "Rest" job, I have not seen him move from his bed since...

Footkerchief (manager)
2010-08-04 21:33

Coaldiamond, it would be helpful to upload your save to [^]
troas (reporter)
2010-12-09 14:04
edited on: 2010-12-09 14:05

This is still happening in 31.18. Bugged save available at [^] The dwarf nicknamed "Healed but Unconscious" had a minor injury injury 2 years ago. The wound was evaluated, cleaned, and dressed and he has been resting/unconscious ever since. Deconstructing the bed did not help -he simply occupied another bed in the hospital.

kwieland (reporter)
2010-12-09 15:43

I know this doesn't help with the main bug. However, it helped me "recover" a working dwarf. Drop the floor by tunneling out the other squares around such that the dwarf falls one z-level. This seems to reset the status of the dwarf.
ethanb (reporter)
2010-12-09 21:56

kwieland: single Z-level falls which involve clouds of dust (cave-ins) seem to do MUCH more damage in 0.31.18 than in 0.31.12 and below (I have insufficient experience with the versions in between to say exactly where it changed) - I have one miner in the hospital with a broken wrist and a fractured rib... another one died before making it to the hospital, as his torso was crushed in the fall and his heart was compressed.

I have made changes in my raws to tissues, but only insofar as changing the heatdam, ignition, and melting points, as well as adding ARTERIES to a couple of organs, so I don't *think* that's responsible for the sudden change from the total invulnerability to single z-level falls that my dwarves exhibited before.
kwieland (reporter)
2010-12-10 05:15

Good to know, I haven't had any cave-ins lately.
Toady One (administrator)
2011-03-26 02:36

This one is probably fixed now, but since it's a 0.31.01 bug, I won't mark a version for it, since there's isn't really a good way to know.

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