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0009282Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2015-12-09 07:192016-05-08 17:31
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Summary0009282: Sentient creatures that can't drink or eat become frustrated by it
DescriptionIt's a well known fact that goblins cannot eat or drink. The reason for this is, supposedly, so they don't have to bring food or drink on sieges (although elves siege as well and are perfectly fine despite missing the NO_EAT/NO_DRINK tags, so I don't understand the problem).

Goblins that arrive at you fortress as bards or dancers eventually grow very frustrated by the fact that they haven't eaten anything, resulting in thoughts such as:

 - She was frustrated after being kept from alcohol for too long
 - She was frustrated after a lack of decent meals too long
 - She is distracted after being kept from alcohol
 - She is distracted after a lack of decent meals
Steps To Reproduce1. Have a fort with an inn
2. Wait for a goblin to show
3. Wait even longer
4. Check their thoughts

or, alternatively, you could download my save at, [^] go to "Ngomu" the goblin dancer (near the bottom of the 'U'nits list), and check her thoughts.
Additional InformationMay be related to how forgotten beasts grow distracted after a while, and how children are permanently focused.
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has duplicate 0009979resolvedLoci Goblin citizens/residents get bad thought from being kept from food/alcohol 
child of 0009711acknowledgedLoci Dwarves have unfulfillable needs 

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Talvieno (reporter)
2015-12-10 08:05
edited on: 2015-12-10 08:09

This report should be edited or marked as closed. It appears to be part of a wider issue - most dwarves I've looked at are "frustrated by a lack of decent meals for too long."

edit: It seems that eating doesn't actually do anything towards reminding them that they ate recently, unless it's one of the foods in their "like" list.

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