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0009700Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2016-04-20 15:252016-12-08 20:16
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Summary0009700: Invincible zombie heads
DescriptionHeads come back as zombies, and are impossible to kill.

Heads become more and more destroyed, but never fully 'die', leading dwarves to attack them for all eternity.
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In this save there should be an ongoing fight on the surface, along the northern border between merchants and a head. Both the head's and merchant's attacks "pass right through." Eventually the merchants died of fatigue.

This same occurence has ended this fort before, hence why it is reclaimed. The dwarves continue hitting the head to no avail(Independent of wether they had a weapon or not). The dwarves die of fatigue in the end.

I've tried skilled hammerdwarves with silver warhammers, skilled swordsmen with copper shortswords, to no avail, the heads are invincible.
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duplicate of 0009496resolvedToady One Tiny undead creatures immune to pulping, ridiculously difficult to kill 

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InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-04-20 15:41

Can confirm. This is an issue in adventure mode, as well.
vipersting (reporter)
2016-04-21 07:50

Related to 0000787
Catsup (reporter)
2016-04-21 11:45

might not be entirely related to 0000787. I've observed HFS fighting zombie goblin heads for years now. They don't die even if the skull is "mangled". They're invincible right now regardless of if they get hit or not.

Also, this seems to happen only to skeletal heads. Heads with rotten or fresh flesh seem to die if mangled.
Aspirin (reporter)
2016-04-22 08:30

Extra confirming. A Titan has gotten in an eternal battle with a collection of heads after a necromancer visited- as a result it spams webs constantly causing massive fps issues. Everything else has died of fatigue when caught with one.

No weapons can damage them.

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