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0009802Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2016-05-28 13:262016-08-01 16:24
Assigned ToLoci 
Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7 SP 1
Product Version0.43.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009802: Manager does not deactivate jobs when conditions are no longer met
DescriptionWhen using the new conditions feature to set up automated jobs, Manager does not seem to recheck jobs in order to deactivate them when "item at most" job conditions are no longer met.

Manager was also the forts Bookeeper in both cases, but nobles screen explicitly said they "had no more work needed" to keep stockpiles up to date. Had an office, tried said office both with and without a table, and both with and with overlapping dining room and bedroom. Manager had idle time, was continually entering "No Job" or "Harvest plants" jobs, and had been forbidden from any jobs in pref-labors.

Said jobs included smelting until X bars in one fortress, and brewing drinks until X drinks in another. Both jobs indicated in the conditions screen that the condition was "not satisfied for next check" but the job never left "Active" status.
Steps To ReproduceEmbark with a Proficient Record keeper
set them up with an office and assign them as the manager
create a continuous work order such as "brew drink"
set up a condition such as "Amount of drinks available is at most 100"
ensure the condition is met and the job order enters Active state
ensure the condition reaches a point where it is no longer met
note that the job continues refreshing in the workshop
note that the manager never enters "Manage work orders" labor
note that the manager screen acknowledges a condition is no longer met
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duplicate of 0009741new Job Manager - Perpetual orders with conditions never stop 

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Chthon (reporter)
2016-05-28 17:54

I must concur that this does in fact happen. I was coming here to report the same thing.

I played with it a lot. I tried:
Less than 10 (Not Met)
At least 10 (Not Met)
More than 10 (Met)
No more than 10 (Met)

All cases worked the same, the job continued without end.
Veroule (reporter)
2016-05-28 18:39

Duplicate of 9740/9741.
orost (reporter)
2016-08-01 13:25

Are you making a permanent order (setting quantity to 0)? That doesn't work, because the conditions are checked when an order ends, and a permanent one will never end.

Instead set it to a small quantity, like 5. It will issue a batch of 5 whenever conditions are met. When that ends, it'll check conditions again, either issuing another batch or waiting.

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