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    ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00113481[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- General
crashnew2020-02-09During advanced parameter worldgen I receive random crashes. I've provided the seed and as much information as possible.
  00112624[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2020-02-09Sects are generated alongside demon forts
  0011339 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Visitors
minornew2020-02-08Undead Animal Person "Visitor"
  0011338 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minornew2020-02-08Kobold bandits attacking each other in camps
  00113201[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones
minornew2020-02-08Dwarves filling ponds act unusually and produce lots of job cancel messages
  0011337 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Holdings
minornew2020-02-08Economically-linked site is Inaccessible from fortress
  00097334[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Workshop Profiles
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-08Text jumps up and down in Truetype
  00113341[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Reactions
trivialnew2020-02-08Adventurer corpse being raised as intelligent undead transfers player control to random creature on map.
  00113303[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- General
crashnew2020-02-08Crash during world generation (0.47.02)
  001036410[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- General
crashacknowledged (Detros)2020-02-07Instant crash upon selecting retired adventurer
  000992810[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Immigration
majorassigned (Detros)2020-02-07Necromancer Immigration
  00113236[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2020-02-07Dwarven queen ascends to throne in unsuitable site.
  0011328 [Dwarf Fortress]
Legends Mode -- History Export
minornew2020-02-07"agreement formed" event misses essential information
  0011327 [Dwarf Fortress]
Legends Mode -- History Export
minornew2020-02-07Horrible experiments "race" names are exported as internal race-identifier only
  00113262[Dwarf Fortress]
Miscellaneous Crashes
crashresolved (Toady One)2020-02-07Consistent, reproducible crash in the testing arena
  00113212[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minorresolved (Knight Otu)2020-02-07NPCs in adventure mode won't stop hitting themselves.
  000738711[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Conversation
minorconfirmed (Footkerchief)2020-02-07NPC present himself as [SPEAKER:TRANS_NAME]
  00086563[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Buildings
blockconfirmed (Footkerchief)2020-02-06Generated fortress has exit blocked by workshop
  00068629[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Conversation
minoracknowledged (lethosor)2020-02-06Siege Operator (to Clothier): In a time before time, I attacked me
  0011322 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizens
minornew2020-02-06Non-hostile zombie citizens are all that remain after necro siege
  00112683[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Movement
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-05Mount controls direction of the adventurer after fast traveling while mounted
  00112241[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
majorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-05Asking a Pet to Wait is Permanent
  00112252[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- General
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-05Waiting Pet Becomes Recruit When Fast Traveling
  0011289 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-05Pets drops hauled items when attacking somebody
  0011308 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Display
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-05Intrigue tab 'actors' has expand prompt, but cannot be expanded.
  0011309 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Display
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-05Intrigue tab 'plots' cannot be scrolled through.
  0011319 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General
minorresolved (Loci)2020-02-05Altars are not constructable
  0011317 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Movement
minornew2020-02-05Adventurer stuck in wall after attempting to dodge
  0011316 [Dwarf Fortress]
Combat -- General
trivialnew2020-02-05PROPEL_UNIT interaction does not work on creatures that are being counted as projectiles
  00107794[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-05"Job item lost or destroyed" spam - cannot display item on specific pedestal
  00112792[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Locations
minorconfirmed (Loci)2020-02-05Values for locations vary between designating zones and using furniture to set locations
  0011315 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Missions
minornew2020-02-05Squad assignment screen shows incorrect assignments for already-assigned squads
  0011301 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View
minornew2020-02-05Plots revealed in god's descriptions
  00113142[Dwarf Fortress]
Legends Mode -- Historical Figures
minorresolved (Loci)2020-02-05Body of hydra gets reanimated by mummy, world enters the "Age of "
  00113132[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Character Creation
crashresolved (Loci)2020-02-05DF crashes when attempting to start Adventure Mode as an outsider
  00113102[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences
minorresolved (Loci)2020-02-05Deity Descriptions Reveal Villain Plots
  00113122[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Sites
majornew2020-02-05Artifacts teleport from worldgen dwarf fortress to nearby monster lair
  000379110[Dwarf Fortress]
Legends Mode -- History Export
majornew2020-02-05Various event details missing from XML dump
  0011311 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Combat
minornew2020-02-04Could parry with weapon after it was dropped
  00113051[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Conversation
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Cannot view hearthperson duty request in dialogue; "I am confused" response from the player character
  00112442[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Conversation
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Option to ask for duty pertaining heartsperson is hidden but selectable in conversation.
  00112316[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcare
majorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Mothers with babies walk around randomly instead of working
  00112633[Dwarf Fortress]
Legends Mode -- Map Export
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Criminal Network maps don't show the network.
  00112472[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Character Creation
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Point cost for adjusting equipment quality does not account for number of items in stack.
  00112981[Dwarf Fortress]
Legends Mode -- History Export
majorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04XML Export of some new events does not include their type
  00112901[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- Parameters
tweakresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Medium World Size with Very High Number of Civilizations impossible to gen
  00112511[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Environment
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Several dwarves often have cave adaption upon entering the embark site.
  0011270 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Character Creation
minorresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04Selecting a home does not reset beliefs if the only option is "none"
  00112802[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- General
trivialresolved (Toady One)2020-02-04The name of a claimed pet does not display, after receiving a name by killing a sentient being
  000926217[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy
minornew2020-02-04Outpost Liason Spends all time in Tavern
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