Liberal Crime Squad

A Liberal Adventure

v3.09, Copyright (c) 2002-6, Tarn Adams

To some a dream come true, to others an offensive piece of crap.

WARNING: The scope of this game is narrower than that of real life. We have attempted to include foul language, graphic violence, politics, religion, sexual references, adult situations, narcotics, prostitution, bodily functions and bad pickup lines, but Bay 12 Games recognizes that there might be omissions which will make some players uncomfortable. In light of these facts, use your discretion when making decisions about downloading LCS.

Many thanks to Kevin Sadler for bringing LCS to Linux (and for other coding/bug fixes).

Starting with v3.05, LCS has been released under GNU GPL. See the release notes for some possible issues.

Bay 12 Games would like to thank the maintainers of PDCurses for allowing us to nullify otherwise productive time on 1980s nostalgia.

We'd also like to thank the many contributions of members of the Bay 12 Forum to the quality of the game.

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