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Dwarf Fortress Development Log

Development in 2004 (RSS Feed)

  • 12/30/2004Toady One Continued with river attacks
  • 12/29/2004Toady One Improved chasm code, made chasming of debris, made goblin kidnappers, did gremlins, improved river attacks
  • 12/28/2004Toady One Made chasm fill with lava
  • 12/27/2004Toady One Improved the undead attackers, made kobold thieves search inside barrels, made kobold steal item depend on distance
  • 12/24/2004Toady One Some bugs
  • 12/23/2004Toady One Removed adamantite skills from startup, removed woodcutting from unit type determining skills, made farms restrict based on knowledge and seasons, changed counters, added demand counter, changed how box permissions work, made them care about clothes more, made mood dwarves not try chest checks and other things, added foreign material preferences
  • 12/22/2004Toady One Started separating the variable into dwarf/adventure vars,improved viewstores categories to include items held by enemies, did pile chains, made baron/etc. take a year longer
  • 12/21/2004Toady One Sorted viewstores lists
  • 12/20/2004Toady One Made tantrum happiness thoughts, fixed cage crash bug, improved edges of map, fixed occupancy bug in starting layout, changed evalorder loop order to make things go faster, created the viewscreen system, revamped the status screen, made viewbuildings(), improved viewjobs(), did stock pile viewing, handled problem with nemesis containers, made the job kill exception system, gave viewstores() zoom to item
  • 12/19/2004Toady One Fixed a bug with hauling, added support for material and item+mat piles, fixed another haul bug, did startup dwarf gen screen, changed map scrolling, fixed crash bug with char sheets, more specific barrels, tantrums
  • 12/18/2004Toady One Sped up pile code, fixed water occupancy bugs, changed how accounts are started, obscured values if no nobles, no potash/coal bar buildings, changed how bin permissions work, safecage_vermin was doing cages and channels, fixed seed storage bug, fixed issues with item ownership and pickup chest items, custom pile framework, midx/y for buildings, made custom item piles
  • 12/17/2004Toady One Bag support for seeds, leaves, want bins, logjam fix, care for animals, other bug fixes
  • 12/16/2004Toady One More bugs, also implemented lots of tweak features
  • 12/15/2004Toady One More bugs and other tweaks
  • 12/14/2004Toady One More bugs, dm, more bugs
  • 12/13/2004Toady One More bugs
  • 12/12/2004Toady One More bugs
  • 12/11/2004Toady One Fixed farming and web collection bugs, other bugs
  • 12/10/2004Toady One Fixed a number of bugs, changed geology, changed bridges
  • 12/09/2004Toady One Worked on diplomacy bugs, did plot arcs
  • 12/08/2004Toady One Worked on diplomacy bugs
  • 12/06/2004Toady One Finished trade requests, fixed some ownership bugs
  • 12/05/2004Toady One Worked on trade
  • 12/04/2004Toady One Worked out diplomacy flow
  • 12/03/2004Toady One Made diplomacy events
  • 12/01/2004Toady One Made diplomats into nemeses
  • 11/30/2004Toady One Restructured diplomacy plan
  • 11/29/2004Toady One Added civ mat knowledge and trade item improvements, added basic histories, add nemeses
  • 11/28/2004Toady One Improved item magic framework, improved stories, added artifact possession back in
  • 11/27/2004Toady One Fixed mood/artifact bugs, improved artifact creation
  • 11/26/2004Toady One Finished unit sales, ponds, king arrival, adamantite mandates, some endgame prep
  • 11/24/2004Toady One Started unit sales
  • 11/23/2004Toady One Handled items and units removed from the map, merchants bring pets for sale
  • 11/22/2004Toady One Added better cage jobs, retrieval of small pets, pet antics
  • 11/21/2004Toady One Add better pet ownership
  • 11/20/2004Toady One Fixed death, item loss and wagon problems for merchants
  • 11/19/2004Toady One Fixed a bunch of merchant bugs, enhanced trade goods
  • 11/18/2004Toady One Added support for multiple merchant groups
  • 11/13/2004Toady One Compressed plan
  • 11/12/2004Toady One Fixed the wagon shitting luggage problem
  • 11/11/2004Toady One Worked on making the military civilian, added activation of squad, many things
  • 11/10/2004Toady One Made soldiers stop working
  • 11/09/2004Toady One Added basic instruments and toy items, added some milling code
  • 11/08/2004Toady One City government, fixed price setting bug
  • 11/07/2004Toady One Finished incarceration
  • 11/06/2004Toady One Continued incarceration
  • 11/05/2004Toady One Started incarceration
  • 11/03/2004Toady One Created sheriff, hammerer and fortress guard
  • 10/30/2004Toady One Finished burial
  • 10/29/2004Toady One Started burial
  • 10/24/2004Toady One Finished item mandates
  • 10/23/2004Toady One Continued item mandates
  • 10/04/2004Toady One Tax collector guards, more unit info, started new item mandates
  • 10/03/2004Toady One Tax collection, just need guards now
  • 09/29/2004Toady One Set up royal guard flag
  • 09/21/2004Toady One Inputed giant job list, restricted status displays
  • 09/20/2004Toady One Finished look/unhide revise, coalesced noble/manager plans, started job screen
  • 09/19/2004Toady One New glass stuff, look command
  • 09/15/2004Toady One Did lots, added new architecture/clay/cement plans
  • 09/14/2004Toady One Did lots of doc interpreter stuff

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Dwarf Fortress started October 2002, this log was started around the same time as the "back to the dwarf game" thread.