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Dwarf Fortress Development Log

Development in 2005 (RSS Feed)

  • 12/02/2005Toady One Fixed crash bug with fell mood
  • 12/01/2005Toady One Made map improvements
  • 11/30/2005Toady One Made map improvements
  • 11/29/2005Toady One Made map improvements
  • 11/28/2005Toady One Made map improvements
  • 11/27/2005Toady One Made map improvements, did prelim code sweeps for OO'ing items
  • 11/26/2005Toady One Made map improvements, fixed problem with trap cleaning, fixed problem with production nobles arriving in groups, continued OO'ing items
  • 11/25/2005Toady One Finished item OO files, fixed mandate bug, fixed mood bug
  • 11/24/2005Toady One Continued OO'ing items, fixed a problem with soldier miners and their pick/weapon preference, added autosave, fixed the wagon scuttling bug
  • 11/23/2005Toady One Started OO'ing items
  • 11/22/2005Toady One Worked on maps
  • 11/21/2005Toady One Worked on maps
  • 11/20/2005Toady One Fixed a problem with river generation
  • 11/19/2005Toady One Fixed a bug with miners and weapon prefs, finished OO'ing units, OO'd nemeses, fixed problem with friendly units toppling buildings
  • 11/18/2005Toady One Continued OO'ing units
  • 11/17/2005Toady One OO'd workquotas, OO'd mandates, OO'd civilizations, OO'd announcements, started OO'ing units
  • 11/16/2005Toady One OO'd wilderpops
  • 11/15/2005Toady One Fixed a bug with residual save interface data, OO'd effects, OO'd coin batches, fixed a bug with guy thinking weapon was a shield
  • 11/14/2005Toady One OO'd other map events, fixed crash bug with weapon traps, made soldiers not hunt or fish, fixed a bug which positioned the extended road wrong on the minimap
  • 11/13/2005Toady One Fixed typo with cheese prefs, OO'd gem events, OO'd rock events
  • 11/12/2005Toady One Did init file entry for varied tiles, broke the game up into more files
  • 11/10/2005Toady One Computer died, starting up OO again, but fixed a crash bug first involving dead nemeses on sites
  • 10/30/2005Toady One Added differently sized buildings, added civzones, assigned people to their zones, added inventory to stores
  • 10/24/2005Toady One Did greet/goodbye
  • 10/16/2005Toady One Did selection of conversation target, did initial prep of conversation screen, started conversation choices
  • 10/13/2005Toady One Added fullness after eating and drinking, tweaked some of the inventory interface, did eat/drink interface, container interface
  • 10/12/2005Toady One Fixed a bug with occupancy and take-downs, added second stories and basements to town buildings, added some message for stairs
  • 10/11/2005Toady One Did some optimizations
  • 10/10/2005Toady One Started beginning scenarios, set up very basic town maps
  • 10/09/2005Toady One Changed around the title screen again and fixed up some info with the starting locations, handle some exceptional cases with starting sites, made the region creation screen, sped up erosion algorithm a bit, associated towns to caves, made starting location reflect this, did simple travel mode
  • 10/08/2005Toady One Started eat/drink, started removal from container, started put in container, added more internal organs, put the region save data in its own folders, cleaned up the title screen and added region choice
  • 10/06/2005Toady One Finished joint locks, handled some ko limits on skill gains, made grab tears go for the throat on a critical, did other wrestling moves, fixed a mem leak with setup screen, fixed a problem with broken necks, fixed a mem leak in the item selection screen, made site name a part of the site rather than in plotinfo, made names for subregions
  • 10/04/2005Toady One Laid foundation for more wrestling moves
  • 10/03/2005Toady One Did the nerve net, fixed a bug that displayed paw as pawot and hoof as hoofot, added more degrees to damage of many small parts, fixed a bug with scrolling in interact with item screen
  • 10/02/2005Toady One Cleaned up the wrestling code a bit, did wrestling part evaluation, fixed a bug with latching on, did some wrestling moves, added a bunch of new body parts and started on their health effects
  • 10/01/2005Toady One Made inv color depend on role and sharing, made stuck-ins ineligible for ammo use, made inventory respect sharing and stuck-ins, fixed an error with grabtear damage, fixed an error with natural attacks and strength, fixed a crash bug with nemesis, added interface to struggle over and pull out shared items and stuck-ins, added pain/bleeding effects for removed stuck-ins
  • 09/30/2005Toady One Made it so you can't attack somebody else with a stuck-in
  • 09/27/2005Toady One Made it 3 wood -> 2 charcoal, 1 potash, made ajar the default for doors
  • 09/25/2005Toady One Ordered plan
  • 09/24/2005Toady One Finished refining plan again, fixed problem with building mastery
  • 09/23/2005Toady One Started refining plan again
  • 09/22/2005Toady One Fixed mem leaks, made babies tame at birth if mother is, fixed cage crash bug, fixed weapon trap load delay bug, fixed a projectile initialization bug, fixed a bug with price alteration
  • 09/21/2005Toady One Fixed mem leaks
  • 09/20/2005Toady One Fixed mem leaks
  • 09/19/2005Toady One Refined plan
  • 09/18/2005Toady One Fixed crash bug with resident river attacker patrols
  • 09/16/2005Toady One Added a performance timer for functions, optimized des jobs a bit
  • 09/15/2005Toady One Fixed a bug with hunting
  • 09/14/2005Toady One Added moss and weathering over time
  • 07/26/2005Toady One Made player corpses persistent and made their nemesis defs stay around
  • 07/14/2005Toady One Fixed a bug with blood sluffing, made cabinets and chests turn into container items in adventure mode, made weapon rack and armor stand items get scattered over time
  • 07/13/2005Toady One Fixed a bug with detailing jobs not being cancelled appropriately on corners, made dungeon wall appearance depend on dungeon level
  • 07/03/2005Toady One Finished blood splatter events, made detail events invisible in dungeon mode when viewed from the wrong side
  • 07/01/2005Toady One Started blood splatter events to deal with direction/dungeon level problem
  • 05/29/2005Toady One Fixed crash bug with adamantite discovery cancelling mining job
  • 05/16/2005Toady One Fixed bug with the counting of kitchen items
  • 05/02/2005Toady One Started looking at a crash bug
  • 04/20/2005Toady One Fixed a bug where animals could rent rooms
  • 04/13/2005Toady One Continued
  • 04/12/2005Toady One Continued
  • 04/11/2005Toady One Continued
  • 04/10/2005Toady One Continued
  • 04/09/2005Toady One Continued
  • 04/08/2005Toady One Continued
  • 04/07/2005Toady One Started human town mode
  • 04/06/2005Toady One Added stairs in 3D mode
  • 04/05/2005Toady One Made lighting refresh when you enter a site, fixed a problem with memmap clearance
  • 04/04/2005Toady One Finished 3D conversion, added region names, started working on basic travel stuff
  • 04/03/2005Toady One Fixed problem with professions and leather helm making, continued w/ 3D
  • 04/02/2005Toady One Continued
  • 04/01/2005Toady One Continued
  • 03/31/2005Toady One Continued
  • 03/30/2005Toady One Continued
  • 03/29/2005Toady One Continued
  • 03/28/2005Toady One Fixed out-of-bounds print bug, started conversion to 3D
  • 03/27/2005Toady One Fixed bug with floodgate
  • 03/26/2005Toady One Made pathetic caves not get exported, made player sites get culled from regions if the files are gone, did placement of hidden items and moving items around in caves, fixed problem with site ids
  • 03/25/2005Toady One Changed how rentals work, added breaks, added the justice screen, made merchants bring more cloth/leather when needed, fixed some problems with activity cleaning, couldn't buy food in barrels, couldn't pick coins out of bins, made wages a bit higher, added higher wages for skilled work, fixed how caravan weights are calculated with respect to bins, gave shops types, fixed shopping job overwrite, allowed pay for moving crap around
  • 03/24/2005Toady One Fixed mandate/item mismatch for improved items, made alcohol worth less and trade in higher volumes, fixed problem with buyvals, made moods depend on depth, compressed plan a bit, fixed a typo in some of the noble laziness descriptions, made people not sell clothes off their backs, made people not like barracks living as much
  • 03/23/2005Toady One Made item locations respected in more places, fixed another goodhold() problem, fixed bug with noble list, fixed crash bug with pig iron and steel, some things coming out of wells were residents improperly, made jeweler encrust jobs more diverse, fixed refuse hauling bug, fixed armor stands storage bug, fixed shooting direction text, fixed weird save slowing bug, made room priorities more respectable, made people even more responsible about storing things, fixed a problem with the bookkeepers coin orders, added discovery text for metals, fixed a problem with premature price setting, made chargers have a saving throw against running into dangerous terrain, added sober duration notification for alcoholics
  • 03/22/2005Toady One Added bin system, added hitrolls for traps that depend on item quality, made people more responsible about putting things away, fixed bug with link trigger list, made it show link building on trigger list, reimplemented standing orders for hauling, improved trading interface, fixed bug that put demon in wrong caves after adventure, fixed problem with bins holding items too strongly, fixed tagging bug with projectiles, fixed bug with them not using things out of bins, readded haul professions, timestamped gamelog, added adventure key help, fixed a problem with the good_hold() function
  • 03/21/2005Toady One Fixed bug with architect and wells, fixed bug with refuse piles, fixed problem with pile sizes, fixed more pile bugs, fixed even more stockpiling bugs, got nemeses to occur in caves, made caves export when the adventurer quits, made combat depend more on hitrolls than skill, gave bodyguards to caravans, fixed dipscript cleaning bug
  • 03/20/2005Toady One Started the conversion to building-pile system, fixed a problem with wagon corpses, fixed a problem with bushes growing on rocks, fixed a problem with the interface saving wrong, fixed drop bug in adventure mode
  • 03/19/2005Toady One Lightened severity of goblin attacks, made caravan death penalty less harsh, added confirmation for quit, added basic calendar readout
  • 03/18/2005Toady One Fixed display error on building screen, got rid of duplicate items on the startup screen, made seeds worth less, gave incoming trappers crossbows and leather, fixed a problem with trigger linking, made it so friendlies can't check chests, fixed crash bug with getroomfloor(), changed shooting direction for targets around, fixed a problem with door and floodgate connectivity and destruction, fixed problem with not being able to see job suspension, made hunters faster when not targeting somebody, put road building w/ bridges, made furniture hauling required for furniture placement, added buildings/items/units to saved sites, fixed when biters drop chunks, made playfighters stop bite-latch-ons
  • 03/17/2005Toady One Fixed bug with mule chest-checking, fixed crash bug with springing ambushes, fixed problem with seek infant overwriting job, added save/load for the cursor, fixed quitting from dwarf game, fixed bug with baby thoughts/mood, fixed a problem with trap loading, added music/sound support from enabler, made miners keep working with adjacent squares
  • 03/16/2005Toady One Made cave plants more common to gather, made plant process produce proper amount of seeds, made alcohol penalty less severe, fixed artifact bug that stopped them from working after bumpage
  • 03/15/2005Toady One Did some region save load stuff, populated caves with fake monsters again, fixed bed/well bug (they wouldn't use them on load), made load reconstruct connectivity map, fixed a bug with repeats and promotes, fixed a problem with wagons and civs, fixed a problem with designations on startup
  • 03/14/2005Toady One Fixed a bug in the pile code
  • 03/13/2005Toady One Added permissions and all of the modes
  • 03/12/2005Toady One Did armies, fixed a save-load bug with it adding nemesis items to map, got basic caves saving as their own sites
  • 03/11/2005Toady One Fixed a load bug with buildings, fixed bug with save/load and diplomacy
  • 03/10/2005Toady One Fixed a bug with wooden shields and armor stands
  • 03/09/2005Toady One Did exporting of regions
  • 03/08/2005Toady One Made adventurer creation depend on the region
  • 03/07/2005Toady One Finished regions
  • 03/06/2005Toady One Continued
  • 03/05/2005Toady One Continued
  • 03/04/2005Toady One Started regions
  • 03/03/2005Toady One Changed name of smelter, fixed a text bug, fixed problem with pets not being named, fixed problem with destroying buildings, made people more wary about entering the map, fixed some bugs with ranged weapons
  • 03/02/2005Toady One Finished save/load for active games
  • 03/01/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/28/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/27/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/26/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/25/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/24/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/23/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/22/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/21/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/20/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/19/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/18/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/17/2005Toady One Started save/load for active games
  • 02/16/2005Toady One Did multiple weapon seeking code
  • 02/15/2005Toady One Changed blocking, shooting and parrying to support multiple weapons, did favored grasps
  • 02/14/2005Toady One Added non-limestone walls to empty river patches, allowed skilled miners to avoid flood, shows current job in unit view, fixed bug with totem owners, fixed pet naming problem, automated loom
  • 02/13/2005Toady One Did basic character creation, added basic town maps and milling peasants, fixed bug with soldiers fetching multiple rations, changed how civilization pets work, fixed bug that homogenized preferences, made archers seek ammo more regularly, reenabled dungeon mode pickup
  • 02/12/2005Toady One Fixed bug turning new mothers into dwarves, fixed bug with animals picking out clothes to wear, automated butcher and tanner, made drawbridge restrictions work correctly, fixed bug with mules shitting luggage, fixed bug with soldiers and certain barracks, fixed problem with pack animals dropping things, fixed problem with backpacks and soldier provisions, added standing down, fixed a bug that caused woodcutters to be unfireable
  • 02/11/2005Toady One Implemented the existing magical powers, based attribute readout on race, fixed a bug with pricing, fixed some display bugs, fixed barrel storage bug, fixed crash bug with unit constructor, fixed rotting bug with too many skulls, fixed reversed farming error, fixed a problem with initially contained items not registering themselves
  • 02/10/2005Toady One Changed inventory code to support arbitrary grasps, changed space-abort to space-done, added mode for announcement logging, fixed a levelmap bug with bridges, made backpacks and quivers simultaneously carryable, fixed a crash bug with price determination, made webbers and breathers unable to attack if ko'd, fixed bug with natural attacks not doing any damage
  • 02/09/2005Toady One Finished files, fixed some bugs with it
  • 02/08/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/07/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/06/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/05/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/04/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/03/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/02/2005Toady One Continued
  • 02/01/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/31/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/30/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/29/2005Toady One Identified all issues for filing creatures, started filing creatures
  • 01/28/2005Toady One Worked on filing stuff up
  • 01/27/2005Toady One Fixed barracks-soldier sleep bug, stopped soldiers from doing extra things while on duty, made people requesting food and water do so more intelligently and frequently
  • 01/26/2005Toady One Added language files
  • 01/25/2005Toady One Fixed the black goo display bug, made things rot less often
  • 01/24/2005Toady One Changed how starting professions are determined, fixed bug with traders, fixed bug with job duration, fixed bug with hunger/sleep/thirst, changed how fast miners worked and introduced failure rate, fixed beer crash bug, fixed well bug, fixed farming bug, cleaned up the bear situation, fixed problem that caused display of dead flows, changed distance code to be dual mode, fixed problem with stockpiles, fixed projectiles hitting ground, nuanced speed code, fixed timer error in dungeon mode
  • 01/23/2005Toady One Added some story text, made elves and wizards stop fighting with forest beasts, made new interface buffer, fixed up unit and item screens, fixed up the dwarf screen a bit, added some help, added fullscreen fonts, fixed a bug with piles
  • 01/22/2005Toady One Did most of the interface normalization
  • 01/21/2005Toady One Fixed some omitted dead flags in unit loops, checked destructors for the main types, made key bindings editor
  • 01/20/2005Toady One Did proper movie recording, handle encryption of announcements, fused the two types of scripts into one type, handle some delete bugs
  • 01/19/2005Toady One Added icon help file, added tabbing and simple tables to text files, fixed up the price screen, added standard scrolling functions, added more information to getmapstring(), added some more functions to cursesrect, added support for variable size fonts, made the textures recreate correctly under full screen
  • 01/18/2005Toady One Added resource icons, fixed sleep sharing bug, fixed channel/road making from far away, added non-volitional ambush messages
  • 01/17/2005Toady One Added pathdesp preferences (e.g. walk around ponds), added ability to view stockpiles from agreement screens, made job restrict list for units, fixed the problem with levelcheck notifications for incoming units, made flow allocation less fragmentary (and many other things -- forgot to log), made paths visible in fake minimap, changed how text viewer processes screen, did plurals
  • 01/16/2005Toady One Finished basic ogl curses
  • 01/15/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/14/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/13/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/12/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/11/2005Toady One Continued
  • 01/10/2005Toady One Started revamping interface for ogl curses
  • 01/09/2005Toady One Made proper small creatures unable to walk through doors, made doors ajarable, made squad prefs for staying close and harassing forest creatures, fixed a bug with nemesis replacement, added training, change how unit recruitment works by counting announced invaders repelled
  • 01/08/2005Toady One Made soldier animals stop putting on backpacks, added morale to marauder considerations, made invasions respect the incoming endgame event, added squad sleeping preferences, fixed item names for corpses and their pieces, changed how targeting works to avoid some stalls, made more hidden items actually invisible, fixed a print bug, changed how visualizing prefs works, added line of sight to dwarf mode, changed building attack code, made animal populations track with tree number, made bears drink beer
  • 01/07/2005Toady One Did stores, changed how prices work, added guild wage adjustments, did treasuries, changed traits to counters, added mountainness, added combat hardness, fixed some random bugs
  • 01/06/2005Toady One Added acquaintances and buddies, fixed a bug with building ownership and spouses, made parties, added rent
  • 01/05/2005Toady One Dwarves get pregnant, made dwarf babies and actions to go with them, changed how siblings work, added oldest sibling inheritence, made nobles have proper spouse settings, added instrument and toy jobs
  • 01/04/2005Toady One Did brewing prefs, revised how healing works, finished tame vermin, made pet owners more responsible, finished hospital care
  • 01/03/2005Toady One Did resident river creatures, did lots of new minor rooms, did building admiration, changed justice building system, made requirement for number of justice buildings, teased apart some planning items
  • 01/02/2005Toady One Continued with river attacks
  • 01/01/2005Toady One Continued with river attacks

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Dwarf Fortress started October 2002, this log was started around the same time as the "back to the dwarf game" thread.