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0006059Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fortpublic2012-06-27 20:312012-09-11 20:55
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x86Windows XP5.1.2600
0006059: Crash on abandon
I had quite the fort going until a siege went to murder some important members of my fort. I then went to abandon, and, while doing so (I do not have specifics), the game crashed.

I then restarted the game, and there was no option to start a new game, revealing that the fort was not saved.
Might be related to 0000827
NOT a duplicate of 0000277 (that bug happens post-save, not pre-save)

This is not my usual system, so I do not have a memory dump or stack trace availible (no Just-in-Time, so Process Explorer dumping of the image is unreliable)
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duplicate of 0001367resolved Toady One Game crashes on save/abandon 
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Err, just remembered, it was an ambush, not a siege...don't look at siege code to try to find the problem...
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Not much to be done without a save, so I'll lump this under 0001367.