Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Copyright (c) 2000 - 2005 by Tarn Adams
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The Latest Download (August 26th, 2004)

"You Finally Aren't Naked" Release - Armok 0.04.51 (1.68 MB)

Requires:  Windows 98+ and OpenGL

The Instruction Manual, v0.04.00g (by Zonk)View or Download

For Parents and OthersContent Information

Changed in the latest version:

 The item and projectile framework has been revamped. It won't look like much, but there are a lot of major changes behind the scenes.

You might notice that you are, in fact, still naked. If you want to change that go hunt a creature or a tree, get some bits, and build items using the 'G' interface and the anvil on the top right. Size isn't accounted for yet, so any bit will do. Once you make some pants, pick them up and press 'I'. Click the nicely drawn wear icon and select your pants. You will be confronted with the wear screen. Think of it as a puzzle game. Good luck!

Many minor changes. Look in the Log for complete details.


Old save games won't work, but all stock files should. You might have to tweak old creature files a bit, especially with form node values at the top of the bodypart descriptions.


Now that the game has editors, people can contribute files for the glory of Armok. Previous submissions can be found at The Submissions Page.

General Information:

Press H during the game for help, or just click on the question mark. Wander around and get killed by wild beasts. There is no additional structure yet.

Feel free to drop by the Forum and tell us how it performs on your computer, or just send me an email at There are also a few problems, notably with clipping and some of the interfaces that haven't been updated.

Note that you can press +/- on the number pad to zoom in and out.  In combination with mouse-based rotation, you should be able to find a view that you like. In addition, different views will cause different performance levels (based on the number of triangles printed), and the game might become more playable for the time being while I work on optimization.