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  • 04/15/2014 Toady One I did the things I wanted to do with intruder detection. Moving on to the vampire/god tweak I mentioned on the 19th, I ran into a new world gen crash, but it reproduces so hopefully that'll be cleaned up soon.
  • 04/12/2014 Toady One Ah, sorry about that, I was... delayed. Relatives and such. Messing around with info screens, the sort of agreement data I was displaying involved my returning a daughter to her father after a kidnap rescue. He was a scout hanging out at a hill dwarf tavern mound. The reunion might have been touching, but instead of the father running over and embracing the daughter, an unrelated drunk at the other side of the room shouted the daughter's name and then ran over and hugged me while the father and daughter stood in place crying tears of joy. It's fixed now.
  • 04/06/2014 Toady One I'm still missing a few variables, and everything continues to be subject to change, but these trees seem mostly done. I also updated the other files.
  • 04/05/2014 Toady One RL taxes are handled, and the tree raws are about ready to post. I just need to finish pomace/oil stuff and some shaping.
  • 04/02/2014 Toady One Aaaand here is the followup Future of the Fortress reply I said I'd post about plants and smell.
  • 04/01/2014 Toady One And the April 2014 report is up.
  • 03/31/2014 Toady One Here is a Future of the Fortress reply.
  • 03/30/2014 Toady One The list of new plants has more or less settled. We don't have certain things implied by the lists, like coffee or tea drinks, or tapioca, and so on, but there'll be some stuff anyway as everything slowly gets more interesting.
  • 03/26/2014 Toady One The liaison and other diplomats provide information about what's going on in the world. It just happens in one of those conversational pop-ups as the meeting is going on, using more or less the same stuff as adventure mode to provide the information, so they'll sometimes refer to their own relatives by relationship and so on. I also continued along with the information screen and did more work on the plant list, though I haven't checked those off yet.
  • 03/23/2014 Toady One I decided to try to haul a backpack of black zircons from the fortress of Whirllancers to Paddletaker on the other side of the mountains, six world map tiles away. The broker was at the depot (they aren't nearly as tardy as your own brokers), and I made the first deal... I think I traded my socks and trousers, maybe more. The tunnel opened out into the first cavern layer, which was watery at this point, so it was actually a large bridge over a pool. Guards were milling around, but before long I was all alone with only the various funguses to keep me company. The tunnel has a smooth and civilized floor, but it is often open to the underground wilderness. In fact, I was accosted by a wild troll at the first corner. Managing to skewer it, I carried on. There was another bridge... and a cave crocodile decided to attack, providing more food for the journey.

    I hit the first stairway down to the deep dwarven settlement of Fissurerampart around that time, but I didn't have any business there so I just wandered around a bit and moved on. The tunnel was much more enclosed in this area, probably because there was a lot of water, but I'm not sure, since it was enclosed. I know in one of the open bits I heard a gremlin shouting for help, but I didn't see him, and wasn't too inclined to help a gremlin anyway, since they never did us any favors. The only intersection in the journey was around there -- a westward passage to Rosetower. Their depot was closer, but I couldn't offload my black zircons there -- 30 years before it had been taken over by a mint-green noseless porcupine, and it still lived there. After the stairway to Machinewalk, I got thirsty for the only time, but I had some water so that was fine. Then came the stairways to Magicvessels. The tunnels opened up again, and I met a gorlak. We exchanged some words, but he didn't have a lot to talk about so I continued on. Finally, I knew I was nearing the end, since there wasn't a dead-end and I had just spent two hours debugging a dead-end around there. I got the jump on another cave crococile and stabbed it from behind... then a short walk and up to Paddletaker.

    Now, I've been remodeling a bit and it is sort of empty up at the entrance, and there's still some weird dirt and so on, so don't mind the map, but all the same, this is what I found up there. All of the dead dwarves are not part of the remodeling... and I wouldn't include elven soldiers either, though they seem to have done some remodeling of their own. They didn't mind that I was there. Apparently this was the second army that was sent after the massacre to occupy the site (very non-elfy...) for the Parched Wasp, so they weren't overtly hostile. I'm not sure when the initial invasion happened, since I didn't listen to the rumors before I left from Whirllancers. It could have happened any time during the previous two weeks before my adventure. The elves told me that there had been a "dispute over the treatment of plants".
  • 03/22/2014 Toady One Tunnel trade runs haven't been going smoothly, but I found an old buried error in the 3D map code that was causing all the cave dragons and water to sneak into the central fortress up-down column, and various other problems besides, so that's good, anyway. I also had to play with world gen a bit to get brokers to show up at all since it wasn't doing unimportant positions for sites (as it makes too many functionary historical figures throughout history that way). Map bugs are always time-consuming (more-so because there are giant mushrooms now that seem to work their way into everything), but we should be getting away from them as we move past this item, since none of the other issues involve maps. I have to have a successful depot run first though. Back to it!
  • 03/19/2014 Toady One Site riling now includes little groups that try to track you down after the rumor has gotten around that you've done something bad. As part of finishing that up, I also handled some older promises I had written down regarding smell and low-light vision. The wind is involved, and creatures with a keen sense of smell, including elven adventurers, can detect creatures nearby in the proper windy direction. There's no blood-houndy types of scent trails yet (though there are the other kinds of trails). Animated corpses can be smelled even by humans if the wind is right, though there's a whole set of ambient smells that are not in the game yet and won't be this time.

    In terms of these finalizations I've been doing, there are six left. Doing a test run with a dwarven adventurer from depot to depot through a tunnel, the liaison commenting on the world situation in dwarf mode, that information screen I mentioned in the FotF thread not too long ago, the plant list, some checks with guards/intruder and some sort of nod to vampires/gods ruling civilizations (since it gets stranger and stranger for them to be there without any comment at all). Then we'll have a steaming pile of game that needs to be debugged and otherwise made playable.
  • 03/17/2014 Toady One I handled the things I wanted to do with refugee to bandit conversions, and included things like having bandits work out of ruins and caves. I also worked with conflict resolution a bit more and got some more stranded armies to find their ways home.
  • 03/15/2014 Toady One I went ahead and loosened up the artificial restrictions I had in place in terms of which types of civilizations could attack which sites, in that they are gone. It is all based on ethics now, so that humans and goblins are much more likely to fight their own same-culture sites, whereas the dwarves don't march off and attack anybody without cause (but they'll proactively defend themselves once they are at war). We'll see if that explodes in some way. I also finalized abstract tribute/homage agreements, which don't do much of anything but stop certain fights from happening at this point, but that's okay.
  • 03/13/2014 Toady One Looks like succession is done. As a final test, instead of just writing about it, I went ahead added a debug button that makes absolutely everybody interesting or otherwise individually tracked keel over. Only abstracted populations remained alive. The world was very quiet for a while, with no patrols or creatures moving around, because they were either dead or the person that would give the orders was dead, but by mid-morning they had reestablished leadership structures and I got to watch several people journey from site to site to place themselves in their new seats of power. We can add some extra confusion later, but I'm happy for this time that it works at all. There are some more conversation responses there as well, and so on.
  • 03/10/2014 Toady One I'm now finalizing succession and position claims -- the main outstanding thing was to fix up the process by which entities (bandits in particular, but everybody else too) properly repair themselves over time if absolutely everybody interesting is dead. There were some annoyances with it since the last possible candidate populations for a position could be wandering in an army one moment and realized in the play area the next, but it seems like it is working out. I also added an extra periodic patch up on the new year to catch positions that have stayed empty for whatever reason. Yesterday I messed around with site obliteration survivors and some broken pathing.
  • 03/08/2014 Toady One I was robbed properly today. The miscreants approached me south of the well in front of several onlookers. Their leader made small talk as two others surrounded me. Once everybody was in place, the tone changed and they demanded that I yield, which I, being unskilled and alone, did promptly. They had me drop my spear, which was pulled over and collected, and then they had me drop my pack, which they emptied out on to the ground. Not finding anything valuable, they left me to clean up, wandering back to the well. I decided not to take things in stride and snatched up the dagger that used to be in my pack. Attacking, I was killed immediately. Most of the civilians screamed out in horror, as did two of the bandits. As they recovered, people started gossipping about my death.

    Incidentally, failure to comply with orders results in a fist fight or a beating, depending on if you're defiantly not yielding or if you are yielded and just not following commands. If you start to comply, it continues on with the steps of the robbery. There are doubtless many ways to make them slip up. I've only handled a few of the obvious ones so far, and I'll probably just leave it at that for this time.

    Yesterday I messed around with camp alarms and made armies suffer more if their leaders are lost (by whatever means). Plenty of loading up camp sites and pressing the dismemberment button to test it out.
  • 03/06/2014 Toady One Apparently rodents of some kind nested in and then ate the insides of my brother's car and it started billowing fumes as we were driving down the road yesterday, which was interesting. The rodent theory was given to us by the tow truck guy, anyway. There are competing theories. In any case, that has been sorted out. A troublesome crash bug that has been around since the first invasions has also been squished. I was mostly tinkering around with camp and guard issues -- I made them camp under more circumstances, in particular, since camps were sort of hard to find (this increased the frequency of the crash bug up to the fixable levels, since it had to do with the deployment of camp guards). Camp infiltrations and robberies will continue to be the themes for a bit, until they are done. It seems we've looped all the way around to where we began back in June of 2012, except this time there aren't any development chain reactions waiting to go off to interrupt the work.
  • 03/04/2014 Toady One Insurrections seem to be done. I spent time skulking around a mead hall, beheading the hated occupation soldiers that walked out the door and around the corner, and then I shared the good news with the locals. I didn't try to organize anything myself but instead just camped out in a nearby desert for a few days staring at my debugging tools. The rumors were widespread after a day, and a day after that an insurrection began. The revolt failed miserably and the civilians regained their respect of the occupiers' strength. The rebellion was actually badly outnumbered -- perhaps my character should feel some guilt at choosing such a poor place to instigate something, but that feeling isn't in the game, and the player feels less than other people anyway.

    Most of yesterday I spent trying to be robbed by bandits, but they kept looking away from me and forgetting I was there cowering (yielding after they demanded it). Hopefully that'll be sorted out soon as well.
  • 03/02/2014 Toady One I finished almost all of the loose ends from insurrections. I just need to test out spontaneous insurrections that come up after you cause enough trouble but don't seal the deal yourself.
  • 03/01/2014 Toady One The March 2014 report is up. Lots of forum woes today, but it seems to be running more smoothly now that I've tinkered with some things. Hopefully others are having a similar experience.
  • 02/27/2014 Toady One Here's a Future of the Fortress reply.
  • 02/24/2014 Toady One People can lie about their opinion of an entity and their initial reactions are moderated based on how afraid they are of the rulers, if it fits their personality. The particular concern was that civilians were being too negative with the guards and getting into trouble too often. They can lie to you if you are associated with a hated government and you ask them what they think of the ruler, or if you are a stranger and they don't trust you (trust can be built by reputation vs. their "trusting" personality facet). I wandered around testing their responses as a village warrior, asking how they much appreciate the ruler like a jerk more or less. Everybody was very friendly since I didn't run into any of the statistical outliers. Longest function of the day is moderate_private_opinion_of_entity_through_cultural_identity(), which filters an opinion through cultural rumors/reputation and personality to change an overt hate reaction into fear, for example, and then the public opinion function continues to morph that based on the audience, so they can swap from hate to fear to "all for it" before you hear them speak. I haven't incorporated the old dwarf-mode lying/etc. skills, though I imagine that'll come into play at some point when there's more time to play around with it. Also worked on insurrection agreements and some of the missing stuff I mentioned from last time.
  • 02/22/2014 Toady One Army occupations now monitor their status and can be compelled by attrition to withdraw from a site (without having to take the keep/mead hall by force and create a leadership structure of your own, which you could do already). I need to finish some options, summaries and historical information, but the basic mechanic is in the game. It has been bumpy, since there were crashes to work through, and the first time the enemy army fled, it took everybody in the town with it, leaving a ruin, but it seems to function at this point. You can use the insurrection mechanic to help, but anything goes -- you don't have to utilize local citizens as long as the occupiers detect sufficient losses.
  • 02/19/2014 Toady One Today's success was to have a crying mother spit on me and call me a murderer, so that's where we're at. Of course, people familiar with modding or magma crabs might guess that the first time she spit at me, the glob came out frozen and my murderous character, being handy with a sword, batted the saliva ice cube out of the park. After I fixed that, and some other stuff, it splattered on my toga. There are tears and sweat now as well, coming out of the right tissues at the right times. As with blood, it remembers who provided them up to a point, which should be fun for brewing witches' potions and so on in some distant future. Fixed some other crashes and mess as well. Hopefully we can move on to cheerier territory.
  • 02/17/2014 Toady One The experiments have continued as I've improved moods and reputations in general. People now process seeing bodies not just as entity-level rumors, or evidence of crimes, but versus their own personal understanding of the person, so they can have their emotional breakdowns and so on. I led one party member into a room where rested a dead relative, and they fell to the ground crying... which is depressing. I'm not able to spend time updating how that body parts store information, so body discovery operates with the same mechanics as usual -- they recognize body parts, no matter how small, as evidence of death, and only after death. So you could throw a head into a room to freak people out, which is cool, but you can also throw a single tooth, and it would work too, if the person is dead. And if you drop a tooth from a bar fight in a different room with some relatives, nobody will care, but if you later go and kill the former owner of the tooth, then you'll hear people cry out in the distance as long as they are still on the map, since they'll suddenly recognize the tooth as belonging to somebody deceased. That's okay, as far as we need it to work for now.
  • 02/15/2014 Toady One So I did the conflict summaries, and then I continued working a bit with the emotional reactions of people that receive the summarized information (which is roughly the same as the emotions they get when they witness the events themselves). There have been a series of macabre experiments that'll be continuing into tomorrow, as I break various bad news items to people, sometimes having been the cause of them... I think if somebody has a relative killed in front of them, they can have six emotions that hit them simultaneously (horror/violent-death-witnessed, terror/in-combat, fear/death-injuries-witnessed, shock/unexpected-death-of-loved-one, grief/death-of-loved-one and rage/killer-of-loved-one-witnessed-during-act, as the game understands them, maybe more coming), which are then filtered through the personality/atts to see how they are amplified/suppressed/dealt with, and whether the person can react rationally or is impelled along for a bit. There'll be a running series of emotional outbursts verbalized so you can see it in action, hopefully moderated so that it isn't too overwhelming at the worst of times. Getting the conflict summaries connected to entity/culture/personal reputations is the big bridge to gap in terms of getting insurrections finished, and I'm still wrapping my head around it, since there's a ton of information for the game to process and it'll need to take a lot of non-harmful shortcuts to keep the processor safe.
  • 02/13/2014 Toady One The goal today was to finish how you relay information about conflicts to people, working toward finally getting insurrections finalized, but the overall bulk of the conversation choice system slowed that down -- the conversation options were getting more and more chunky, sometimes multi-line, sometimes up in the hundreds when you are asking after particular people or places, and it's only going to get worse, so I worked with that a bit so that you can search the options more easily. We even have some quaint keyword typing now if you want to search that way.
  • 02/12/2014 Toady One It was one of those drear days where I spent four hours on one annoying intermittent crash bug that didn't have a clear cause but which happened just enough that it could be worked on. I fixed it, which was nice, since that doesn't always happen. I also handled multiple problems with their jump-into-conflict decision making. Hopefully we'll get some forward-feeling progress tomorrow.
  • 02/11/2014 Toady One Finally got around to people getting fed up and cancelling agreements. They give you a few warnings so you know what their issues are, but they can eventually leave your group, for example, if you ask somebody to guide you to a location and then sleep for a few days. Something went terribly wrong during testing... I was checking out local agreement cancellations, so I was walking through a jungle in tile view, along with a monster-slaying crossbowman from a nearby town who knew where a cave was. We happened upon some animals that ran away, and I found myself shot five times bleeding to death. I think my guide decided to jump into the conflict on their side, and it was a "no quarter" fight since animals take wilderness encounters seriously. I'm not quite sure why the guide did that. I was a warrior with a nearby village, so it could be that he took a neutral view of the animals and had a bone to pick with the village, and so chose them over me when they ran for their lives. That's fixable, but I'm not sure if it was the issue. I'll have to put in some more diagnostics, I guess, he he he.
  • 02/10/2014 Toady One I've been working with people deciding to jump into fights they aren't involved in today, using all their opinions and reputations and personality facets and so on that are now knocking around in their heads -- even if it's just to run to a safer place. I walked around for a bit to get a few village warriors in the same room as a simple case. To get things started, I stabbed one of them with my spear... and the second test subject didn't jump in since he wasn't actually attached to the village but was a traveling adventurer who didn't care at all. I forgot to check. Then one of the guard's master's kids stabbed me in the back with a knife, so I guess it sort of worked all around.
  • 02/08/2014 Toady One Scamps is five today! I saved about fifteen of the plastic rings from around the water jugs to give him all at once, and he's going appropriately nuts.

    I wasn't happy with the amount of non-violent foot traffic throughout the world, so the adventurer-types from world gen run around between towns now on fake tavern runs and are able to talk about why they are traveling. My first attempt at testing it out didn't go so well, since my character started just as dozens of goblins were marching in. I made it five moves before I got clubbed over the head and the goblin ran off bragging about having killed me as the rampage continued. That shouldn't be too common, but I guess it can happen.
  • 02/07/2014 Toady One I chased around scrambled rumor/incident id numbers for a while, and finished up some stuff with the new entity's squad formation during site claims.
  • 02/05/2014 Toady One Updating executions/beatings vs. new combat code, sparring too... some more with injury morale. Fixed the sleep teleporting I mentioned on the 31st, made ambition matter more for decision-making for civs to make some more stuff happen... messed around with values in the raw files. Another healthy chunk.
  • 02/04/2014 Toady One Moving along through bits and pieces -- fixed a problem with the code that groups armies together when people walk off the map, homogenized some data between local and more abstracted site takeovers/reclaims, worked some with armies coming in from the edges and where they are placed, and fixed some more of that start-on-the-roof stuff. The list of feature items that is left is about half as long as it was ten days ago. There's the serious bug list after that, and then people can mess around with the rough cut (veterans of releases should recall and share with others that there is no polish phase... that is some decades away).
  • 02/03/2014 Toady One Debugged site foundation and reclaims for a bit (couple of crashes handled), and added some generalized death information for rampages that happen way off the map that then gets realized later... fixed a bug with named building destruction. Did some more rumor conversations...
  • 02/02/2014 Toady One Did some final work on ambush positioning and random things like travel restrictions and timers vs. harassment activities. I guess the high point was when the line of sight and ambush placement code got scrambled and all of the bandits after the first got placed in the air on a line between the player and the hillside where the bandit commander was standing. Lots of subsequent thudding and bruises.
  • 02/01/2014 Toady One The February 2014 report is up. I did another pass on the rumor data format and wrote up a bunch of text. Also stopped companions from spreading rumors when they leave the map with you. Let's see how it goes this month!
  • 01/31/2014 Toady One Here's a Future of the Fortress reply. I finalized most of underground travel yesterday. I still need to handle sleeping, which is probably rife with teleporting.
  • 01/29/2014 Toady One Yesterday was crayon day, but there was still time to align some of the old bandit code with the new village stuff, mess with the sound display, clarify the text for values, set up an army controller for refugees that were placed right after world generation and so on. Today I started merging all of the old dwarf mode acquaintance stuff with the new personal reputation system, so that they can grow together with any future alterations.
  • 01/27/2014 Toady One Today I went through and updated lair code to make it work with the new stuff, and I made sure that night creature captives could be rescued and that townspeople talk about that properly. It was pretty rare to have that kind of captive situation come out of world gen, and since we don't have night creatures abducting people in play yet, I extended the period of conversion some time back -- now the rescues and placement of lair prisoners all seem to work.
  • 01/26/2014 Toady One Messed around with how it cleans up stale conflict activities and worked more with wrestling vs. the lethality state of combat. Spent some time watching hunters and fixing issues with them (in particular, when a hunter got multiple conflicts over time, it rarely had the animal end up on the hunter's side as well as not on the hunter's side... which was a sort of civil war bug that brain-locked everybody). Merged the in-play morale calculations with the world gen combat info so that they can assist each other and be encouraged to continue to simultaneously make more sense over time.
  • 01/25/2014 Toady One I continued on to clean up various dwarf mode issues today. Updated how animals think of their encounters (there will be animal-animal interactions now in dwarf mode, however that'll work out), updated meandering, updated sleeping/resting, updated some of the dig/channel/construct ai (just to get it back where it was, such as that is), fixed up vehicle collisions, and a projectile issue. I also updated the quarry leaf jobs to support growths -- a side effect of this was that the "material reaction product" stuff you might be familiar with from modding now also has a similar tag to send over an item type with the material, so a single reaction can produce different item types depending on the incoming reagent's material. I'm not sure how useful that is overall, but it could cut down on some clutter.
  • 01/24/2014 Toady One The Power of Play talk went over well enough -- we should have a link once they post it. I guess I'll stay on a day schedule until I drift. Today I cleaned up some dwarf mode problems with their generally broken minds. A soldier failed to move when confronted with a kill-ordered adder through a series of bug fixes, and when I finally got some movement, he ran away and climbed up a tree. He has "great difficulty mastering his fear when confronted with danger", so I guess that wasn't a bug, although he didn't seem to be afraid of heights at all. His friends on the squad managed to take care of the snake.
  • 01/18/2014 Toady One I mentioned in the last FotF reply that non-player climbing and jumping were still open questions and that I'd have to try them out before I knew how much we'd have this time around. That was today's project, and it looks we'll be having them both. This includes dwarf mode, so you might have to rethink certain defensive decisions you've been making. I haven't done anything with the strategic thinking of critters, but if they get within about 20 tiles of a target, they can formulate paths that include climbs and horizontal jumps through one air tile to a walkable tile, and they'll also use these forms of movement in limited non-combat situations. Longer jumps aren't yet possible for them, since it is harder to code running starts into the pathing routine, and they don't understand how to jump and then hang onto surface. It's a weakness you can exploit, but they still hop around and cause trouble enough to delight and entertain.
  • 01/17/2014 Toady One I have a late morning thing next week and in the switch-around off graveyard developed jet lag braindeath, but today was better. Even though it is winter, I've seen so much sun lately it has been like visiting an alien world. In any case, I put a bow on demon sites, which ended up with me finally using the last random raw frameworks that have been sitting around forever (entities, items). They have turned into a testbed for the gray goo of full randomization, but hopefully we won't be hearing any more from them before the release as stuff continues to become done.
  • 01/14/2014 Toady One Today I allowed certain sites to move away from their strict preset building types a bit, with goblins currently being able to alter sites that they are occupying. Trenches and small towers can now pop up in human villages, elf sites and dwarf hill sites that have been taken after some time passes. This can happen after a site is taken in play or from a site taken during world generation. They don't build up the sites while their maps are loaded, so it'll happen between games or when you are a few world map tiles away, until I figure that part out (not for this release). Overall, it is baby steps toward what we'll get to over time, and ideally we'd get around to having sites grown up in stages over time and remove the concept of sites having static overall types altogether, but for now I'm still toying around with ways of storing these changes that are compatible with building destruction and other site changes. I wanted to make sure to at least try something with construction so that site destruction didn't take over the framework.
  • 01/13/2014 Toady One Over another large bump today, as both non-player reclaims and new site foundations are in the game in the basic form I wanted to get finished. They don't create new markets, you can't yet create sites in adventure mode, and nobody builds roads, but they can send out groups to form new villages. So you can start a map now at, say, year 2 or year 10 and get some solid growth over time, though not in all the ways a world gen map can evolve. The game respects the site caps from world gen (which are often set up for speed/mem reasons), so you shouldn't have to worry about it getting out of control. This means that a world with a long history still won't place new sites either in the later years of world gen or after play begins, but they'll do reclaims. Non-player reclaims don't challenge any sites with monsters at this point, since I haven't done that kind of fighting, and until monsters can act freely and capture additional sites in play, I want to preserve those sites for player reclaims.
  • 01/09/2014 Toady One I went ahead and made the reclaims more interesting by allowing forgotten beasts to be active in world generation and I also let the other large beasts sometimes have very successful attacks ending in a lasting change of residency. A 100 year medium world I tried out had 32 healthy forts occupied by dwarves that were not reclaimable, and 7 troubled forts that could be reclaimed on start.

    The first reclaimable fortress in this world is Amostiklist, and it is the home of a dragon, Ibmat Gemglowing the Bejeweled Furnaces. In just the second year, he killed the king and various other notable dwarves, and this wasn't even their first trouble. Before the first winter had passed, a demon named Mete Deepterror and a couple dozen goblins and trolls killed almost everybody, but the king managed to hold out with the help of the baron he placed over the fortress, who single-handledly killed more than half of the attackers. The demon killed the mayor but fled in the end. Then everybody met the dragon not many months after. Over the last 100 years, the dragon has defeated seven heroes and is looking forward to seven dwarves or another naive adventurer.

    The second fort to fall into ruin was Oshuratis of the Reputed Crypt. That dwarven civilization was also involved in squabbles with a demon, but those wouldn't come to a terrible end for 30 years. In the year 14, death came from below in the form of a squirming eight-legged sauropod Ukoz Reignhobbles the Flag of Soils (a name which doesn't bode well for kingdoms), and nobody escaped. The queen, Tekkud, the local nobility and their families, and the general all fell. Queen Tekkud was followed by King Cog, who will come up in the final fort.

    Ten years passed, and we come to Sherikrakust and the great scaly leech Dosheb Slunkmined. The local baron and mayor were slain, and the beast moved in. Fortunately, many of the family members were absent with responsiblities in other forts and hill sites. The mayor's father was a tragic character, obsessed with his own mortality, but unable to secure the secrets of life and death before becoming a skink monster, attacking communities until he died of old age in 93. The secrets became widely available just a few years after he contracted the curse, and they play a large role on the periphery in some of the other stories. In any case, Dosheb fought off an elf hero and is waiting for further challenges.

    Just a year later, in the summer of 25, another dragon arrived, this time in Azuzthob. As usual, the mayor was killed. Her husband, also a mayor but later a necromancer, wrote a book about his marriage 45 years later while playing with dead bodies in his tower. He revisited the topic in an essay the next decade called My Thoughts On The Book.

    25 was a bad year. In the winter, Toseddom was destroyed by an enormous shelled gecko from the depths, Jozi Oozeghost the Fated Boil. The king of the Urns of Wire was slain, but the queen consort was also a mayor and not living at the fortress. She later learned necromancy from a human possessed of that knowledge. Her teacher was an apprentice of the very first necromancer, Tura. Using her knowledge and an army of corpses, the dwarf went on to raise one of the seven towers of necromancy in the west, the only ones in the world, abandoning all mundane responsibilities.

    Torasstinthad is the sixth ruin, and Dungsfur the Tufted Certainty was a hydra. Maybe it was routine by now, but many dwarves died and the hydra came to stay in 38. The baroness's father was not present, as he was a mayor elsewhere, but he met his own beast in 41 when a dragon destroyed Pickconfines. Unlike other fortresses and their beasts, that dragon wasn't the kind to stick around. Pickconfines was reclaimed in 45 and still stands.

    The last fortress was different, since nobody lives there now, friend or foe. In the year 43, the demon war of the Reputed Crypts was raging, and many sites were emptied to contest the evil army that was attacking Doorriddles. King Cog and almost everybody else died in the battle there, and the demon force destroyed dwarven settlements in the coming months from the hills to the mountains. The last fortress to fall was the last fortress of the Reputed Crypts, Machinenations. That dwarven civilization was left with one distant hill settlement, far to the east of all the action, called Minelocks. The new queen was unrelated to King Cog, as the line was broken in the war. Queen Olin survived with a few dozen dwarves in the hillocks, appointing a baron and general (her husband) among them, but living in the civic mound like hill nobility. They were far away from the old goblins, but they were surrounded by the new goblins, and over the next few years, the queen's growing family was devastated by abductions in 48, 55, again in 55, 56 and 61, and by a child killed in 49 by a cyclops, which also maimed her husband. By 56, in the middle of it all, she became obssessed with her own mortality, like so many dwarves before her. The difference was that the necromantic explosion was less than a decade away.

    Tura was the ruler of the human hamlet Growthbrain. As she became older, something changed, and she sought to extend her life by any means. Every other civilization in the world was without a death deity, but Tura's people could pray to the rotten goddess. She did, and in the year 65 she received a slab engraved with the secrets of life and death. Before she even managed to raise her first corpse, seekers of knowledge flocked to Growthbrain and settled there, taking up odd jobs and receiving training. By the winter, Tura was able to get away to look for bodies of her own, but some of her apprentices stayed behind long enough to greet more seekers as they arrived. The process lasted for six years, all the way until the winter of 71. At least 30 necromancers learned the dark arts, and no fewer than seven towers sprang up in the wilderness surrounding Growthbrain. Tura herself only managed to find enough good bodies to raise a score of zombies, not enough to construct a tower, and to this day she has a camp out on the plains, clutching the death slab by the fire. Queen Olin arrived with the second wave of seekers and also has a camp and ten zombies out in the wilds near the hamlet. All of her abducted children were murdered in their adult years while working for their demon master, leaving no heirs.

    In the year 100, the fortress ruins lie waiting and the necromancers of the seven towers should be a menace to any dwarven expedition that tries to settle nearby. Minelocks is home to the two surviving dwarves of the Reputed Crypt, the self-styled baron Sigun, and the former Queen Olin's husband Medtob, the general. Neither of them wanted to be the ruler -- the Reputed Crypts hasn't had a king or queen for 30 years after Olin left. I'm not really sure why, which is one of many reasons why there's still work to be done, but the new reclaims should be more entertaining now, anyway!
  • 01/08/2014 Toady One Today seemed like a good day to finish reclaiming forts that happened to become ruined in world generation, so that's working in the game now. The fortress designs probably blow out all the metrics experienced players have figured out in terms of efficient placement of workshops and living areas and all that, but I guess you can consider yourself a bringer of a golden age to their stagnant civilization as you remodel. I'm also not trying to do anything fancy with mechanisms or anything like that for this time. I'll be happy if they don't flood the lower levels with their poor decision making. All of the world gen fortresses have access to the open cavern layers, and most of them also have built up underground tunnels off to the deeper sites, though those sites won't interact with your fort in play until around the time we get to fortress hill dwarf interactions.
  • 01/06/2014 Toady One Quite a while ago, we put in a few short random snippets to enable some other things we wanted, so in the little world gen it cooked up tonight, Dumur the dwarven goddess of torture decided to release a skinless lizard demon upon the world "that it might bathe in misery forever." The fiend raised a goblin army and attacked the dwarven forces in the Swamp of Fountains, killing their general and the mayor and leaving their bodies in the muck a few months after recorded history began.

    This appears not to have been lost on the necromancer Thomod. Twenty years later, she raised both of their bodies using the powers given to her by the bumble bee queen goddess of murder, Ume. Using their strength and that of her other zombies, Thomod erected a tower where she went on to train four apprentices and author essays about dying, such as More Doom and the Nuanced Death. Before she became obsessed with her own mortality, Thomod had been a great hunter of the giant dingo and the leader of a small village. The bumble bee called, however, and she abandoned her home and family.

    Nearby, another family was also experiencing tragedy. Or dozens of families, since the vampire Olum had killed quite a few people over the years before anybody got suspicious. Now the vampire's own family was sundered -- she had to escape the watchful eyes of the neighbors and take up a simple life in one of the villages surrounding her former home of Masterweavers. Not long after, her husband Pictham became the lord of the town, and disputes over livestock and other matters flared up. It came to blows, and in the ensuing violence Pictham struck down his wife during an attack on the village. The recent blood-drinking murder spree in her village stopped, but people were probably too wrapped up in killing each other over cows to notice.

    That was all world gen, so then I started playing.

    The necromancer's great-grand-daughter Nikom was a fishery worker in a small hamlet, and Sothro was the vampire's great-grand-son, laboring as a farmer outside Masterweavers until the day they decided to get married. After a short journey, Sothro stepped into Nikom's cottage and said "This is my new home," making the move was official.

    Since I've been doing camera tests, I thought I might as well fix up and check out the marriage travel code. The pairings are just picked locally or according to trade links, but I'd like to think they bonded over their sinister ancestors (or the strange childhood coincidence of having younger siblings gobbled up by different werebuffalo in the same year).
  • 01/05/2014 Toady One Well, I've observed a working change of entity rulership under the conditions I set for myself (moving the camera around, etc.), but it wasn't exactly clean. There were a couple dozen people charging one of the mead halls, and a goblin patrol (of one goblin) that had been tracking them tangled with the human invaders right after I put the camera on them. It didn't end well for the goblin, but at the same time, they also decided to kill a pig in a nearby plot... maybe because it was loosely affiliated with the people they were attacking in war time and it wasn't able to engage in non-lethal fighting, or perhaps because they were amped up over the goblin. I'm not sure, since I didn't have the conflict escalations logged. I think the way conflicts grow more easily when an actual army in a war recognized by the game is involved somehow. Should be a straightforward fix once I look at it. In any case, either the goblin or the pig seemed to have sparked a bit of a blood bath, and any house that the attackers could see into (because of somebody standing in an opened doorway) was cleared of inhabitants.

    They eventually made their way to the mead hall itself, their bold commander following well behind, and killed everybody they found there with minimal losses. Apparently their commander hadn't trained with any weapons in world gen, because he was listed as a "recruit". Since he was just the follower of another lord, he didn't have a position of his own with a name (he had a squad membership, which is named, but doesn't override the weapon-based name). The commander didn't develop much skill getting the last blows in on a few unconscious people, so he was still a recruit when he arrived at the central chamber and declared his claim over the site, promptly becoming a purple "lord". I'm sure it'll be an enduring and noble line.

    Incidentally, the whole time it was telling me that stray peasants were rooting around in the dirt. I wasn't sure for a while if I had managed to domesticate a segment of the population somehow, but then I remembered that the game chooses a perspective race for the announcements, and without any adventurer in my debug mode, it had set the perspective to the first unit available, which was a turkey. So I guess that was a rare glimpse into how all of the unowned turkeys see each other. In any case, there are definitely lots of rough spots with the site takeovers, but the main part worked, which was good.
  • 01/03/2014 Toady One I've still been sorting through the details of how the abstraction level switches are going to work for AI site claims (which I was starting before the holidays intervened), but I think I have a plan through it all now. We finished about half of the notes in December, so theoretically we can complete them this time around, though nuggets like this current barrier are the sort of things that mess up my estimates consistently. Tonight I'll be watching people yell at each other and then rudely interrupt them by moving the camera, and then go back again, and so on, until they end their situation properly regardless of how I mess with the zooming or camera location.
  • 01/02/2014 Toady One I expanded on conversations with leaders of your squad as they relate to the various conflicts going on, so that you can ask for specific orders if you want them, although any gains you make of your own initiative will count territory and reputation-wise. It'll still be a good idea to ask around a bit first even if you don't want orders, in case there are reasons not to bother a specific neighbor (tightly-aligned religion, family relationships, numeric strength, etc.). It was more of a note ordering day, though, and a day to solve the problem of love-bot forum spam, which came on all of a sudden.
  • 01/01/2014 Toady One The January 2014 report is up, with all the information for the year.

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